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If I could only go back in time and buy more than one share in 1993 for $25... That one share is worth $2491.12 now.
Maybe a new black emoji where someone has their pants hanging down past their ass cheeks? Or a thug attacking a cop and getting shot? I'm sorry but emoji are not representative of any yellow people in this world.
I want the administrator ID and password to the FBI's email servers.  It's only fair.
It's funny to see how many people think that this was an anti-gay bill.  It was meant to protect businesses from lawsuits from militant morons who demand service.    Ever seen the signs that read "no shoes, no shirt, no service"?  Those are there for a reason.
Smartphones running Android have made great strides with 4.1?  Really?
  Making a phone with a larger screen isn't copying anyone.  Apple already has a large screen device, it's called the iPad.  Didn't the iPad come out before any phablet did?  I hardly call it copying.  Now why doesn't anyone ask why LG is copying Samsung with its phablets?
Every time I read an article about the supposed abuses and slave like labor being done by 4 year olds at the Foxconn plant, I see pictures of adults sitting down in something akin to clean rooms assembling products. That's a far cry from slave labor and doesn't help the liberal cause of the New York Times at all. And what kills me even more is that everyone has an opinion, usually largely influenced by the same liberal trash New York Times, that is completely...
You are aware that Foxconn isn't an Apple-own business, but a contractor right? So why say that Apple is acting poorly when it's not even their problem? It's up to the Chinese government and Foxconn to correct whatever falsehoods are being reported by the worst newspaper in the US.
It's fine with me. That contact app was only a few bucks. And the /Library/Application Support/AddressBook folder was corrupted, so I deleted it and started over. Who knows what happened.
I'm trying to delete my contacts in the "on my Mac" part of Address Book. I know I'm not the coldest can of Coors Light in the Rocky Mountains, but how in the fuck do you do this? My "delete" menu is grayed out and for the life of can NOT figure out how to delete these contacts. I even bought Contact Book from the App Store and it won't delete the contacts either.
New Posts  All Forums: