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It's things like this that really makes Apple come across as a complete shitheads. 2 gigs of ram not upgradable is fckn joke. Period. Apple KNOWS this is not usable at ALL! But they pretend to be doing the consumer a favor. LOL spare your flames lol I'm a fanboy. Just pointing out the obvious.
The Internet as we know it is about less choice than ever before. Horrible. It's all Facebook, Twitter and Google. And most don't seem to care, they're just happy posting nonsense on their Facebook to feed their own ego and get kudos from family and friends.
Screen is a matte finish. Awesome. Apple's obsession with glossy is the most retarded thing about their laptops and iMacs. Yes, we are aware about the option (more money = ripoff) for the 15 and 17 macbookpros. But that still leaves the 13 and iMacs out. Btw , I'm a Mac user since 1995 and a fanboy. So no need to flame. Lol Just pointing out an annoying omission.
this is genius! for so long, all of us ATT users had to deal with the Verizon folks constantly talking sh-t about their great company. I never understood the passion for a company (any company) that quite frankly doesn't care for anyone. They care about your wallet. And here you have it folks. Thanks for coming!
hmmmm, don't let their looks and age and the location of employment fool you. they go through training before being promoted to Genius (to make sure they can handle it) and then they go to Curpintino for 3 weeks of intensive training and have to pass the tests. these "mall kids" are Apple Certified Mac Techs. these certifications are what companies seek when hiring Mac IT people. the companies that pay double to triple their Apple salary. not shabby training and...
another lame and click baiting article. cause the clicks pay the bills at AI. *yawn*
maybe they (and other companies) should care enough to bring jobs back to the usa.not just monkey work (aka as retail)
long live Crapple ! the glorified phone seller. lol
i own an iPhone 4 and most likely will ask for another one. this one is full of bugs. constantly freeezes up on me. drops calls and just plain sucks. not only is the antenna design questionable, I also wonder if the quality suffers when they're turning them out so fast. they can't make them quick enough and the quality shows. i really really want mine to be as good as others say it is, but until then I say it sucks! LOL I'm hoping a switch to another one...
you are correct. it's not a manufacturers fault that you drop the item. hence, it's not covered. unfortunately most people think a warranty covers it. my point is that it will be interesting to see the potential fall out of this glass phone when more and more people get hit with reality of paying for a phone they just casually dropped. just saying!
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