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This case was a foregone conclusion because of the Supreme Court's ruling in a similar matter in 2013 or 2014.   But I always enjoy the armchair lawyering that comes out after such cases are decided. This was by no means a frivolous lawsuit - as evidenced that a similar case went all the way to the Supreme Court - as there was obviously a bonafide issue to be decided. Namely, can employers impose non-compensated time on employees for specific purposes. The decision was...
With a Plex Media Server in place, I can access all of my home content - including anything in the iTunes folder structure - from any device and from anywhere. I can even sync while on the road. It also allows me to play content that isn't already in a media format supported by the Apple ecosystem by transcoding it in real time. With Plex, I've never felt that the features are held hostage to the competing business needs of making iTunes Store content "just a little more...
Some of these posts are hilarious. The faux outrage starts off as silly minor complaints that have reached the crescendo of "I'm taking mine back" hilarity. It's such a minor issue. Annoying, yes. But some are being a bit dramatic.
You're the scene in Police Squad with the fireworks exploding in the background, exclaiming there's nothing to see here.
MS has acknowledged the 2016 issue but has not said when they will have a fix. Essentially if one app stops responding, you will need to force quit all of them before any app will work again.
I can verify this doesn't happen. Otherwise the v9 betas would have gotten me in trouble months ago.
Hope you used Report a Problem. That's what it's for. There are also instances where Google Maps gets it wrong, so it's not a problem specific to one solution. It's why many people use both.
It doesn't start navigation. It just tells you estimated time of travel and traffic conditions. Those are perfectly useful pieces of information for a lot of people.
You are mixing two different data collection points. One is the services Apple offers and, as a result of needing data to provide the service, they collect it for a period of time. The second is iCloud data storage and is a platform to store your personal data. Apple does not mine or use your iCloud data.For Apple services, Apple's policies are clear that they anonymize the data and also only store it for fixed periods of time. They even explain why they might keep it for...
I suspect a lot of the improvements that are visible around performance are related to OpenGL calls being replaced by Metal.
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