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There's a fundamental problem with non-solicitation and non-compete clauses - they attempt to bind parties to restrictions without actually involving those parties.   There really shouldn't be ANY enforcement of such provisions in an agreement, even against those who sign them - which is often done in a state of duress and only during a person's employment - imagine your boss insisting on you signing restrictions after you've been hired and with no consideration.   If...
Unions gave us the 40 hours / 5 day work week. Understanding the role of unions in American labor history is pretty important. Specific to the Bay Area, you have to pay people living wages and that is much higher in the Bay Area. $50k a year is barely covering rent.
There's quite a bit more evidence than that. Just one of them is that you don't hire the head of R&D at Mercedes for too many purposes. Helping design a car is a pretty obvious one of them.
Design is subjective but engineering wise the Voltec drivetrain is incredibly impressive and a terrific transition technology to pure EVs (which will very likely dominate car sales within 20 years). Having had one for three years - and it was my first American car - it was reliable and fun to drive. The styling was a Chevy, so it is what it is. Reliability and ease of ownership (few trips to gas station and essentially no maintenance)were off the charts. It had a high...
That's a ridiculous bit of nitpicking about something mostly irrelevant. For those that don't want to click on that link, it's criticizing T-Mobile because of one scenario. When a T-Mobile user hits their data cap each month, they continue to get data but at a slow speed (around 3G speeds). But T-Mobile exempts Ookla's speedtest.net data from its data usage allowance so when a user runs it the speed test shows the full network speed and not their reduced speed. If that one...
Exactly! Ridiculous demands like breaks, lunch, and being paid on time. Labor laws are lame. We need to get back to the good ole days when we had things like child labor.There are way too many people here who show themselves to be nothing but Apple apologists regardless of the issue. It's a company. It's not perfect. The reason I personally like Tim Cook is that he knows this and is pushing a Apple to always be better.
Before really judging if this is a problem, don't we need to know exactly WHICH child will die? I mean, if you could teleport a smartphone back to when Hitler was a child I guess you would want it to be an Android device.
Best thing to do is leave a negative review on the app.
I fundamentally disagree. Google Wallet has moved the mass collection of data from data sets only available to the individual retailers to a "total data set" that Google is attempting to have about all purchasing. It's absolutely terrible. Even if you trust Google, it's a single source of all information. That's essentially a terrible situation.
Used it at Whole Foods last night. It was so simple I wasn't sure it had even worked ... But was then surprised that I still had to sign for the purchase.
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