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I can verify this doesn't happen. Otherwise the v9 betas would have gotten me in trouble months ago.
Hope you used Report a Problem. That's what it's for. There are also instances where Google Maps gets it wrong, so it's not a problem specific to one solution. It's why many people use both.
It doesn't start navigation. It just tells you estimated time of travel and traffic conditions. Those are perfectly useful pieces of information for a lot of people.
You are mixing two different data collection points. One is the services Apple offers and, as a result of needing data to provide the service, they collect it for a period of time. The second is iCloud data storage and is a platform to store your personal data. Apple does not mine or use your iCloud data.For Apple services, Apple's policies are clear that they anonymize the data and also only store it for fixed periods of time. They even explain why they might keep it for...
I suspect a lot of the improvements that are visible around performance are related to OpenGL calls being replaced by Metal.
With T-Mobile, roaming is a dead topic. I'm out of the country right now and am not paying roaming fees for data or text. Standard from them.
Devices which don't support software updates beyond a certain version can always restore to the latest version that works for that device. However, if the device supports a new version, then that's the only version you can update / restore to. Each time you update or restore, iTunes checks in with Apple to verify whether the version is still allowed on that device.
 Nope. They are designing a car to sell to people. If services like Uber want to use them, Apple will be fine with it. But individuals who choose to buy a car from Apple will be able to do so. Nothing in Apple's history suggests they would deploy a business model that you suggest. They make products that they feel do great things and that people want.
It's entirely possible to criticize a person's actions but not the person. You should consider it.
That's not theoretical, that's reality. Whatever social behavior you exhibit online - forums, Twitter, Facebook, anything - is being collated against some type of identifier of you, the person, and also matched with your real world behavior. Profiling of consumers is getting easier and easier. That loyalty card you use with your associated email address? That ties your online identify and behavior to your offline. Combine that with the increasing prevalence of physically...
New Posts  All Forums: