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If he's against it, that's good enough to convince me...that Apple and Google are doing the right thing.   We're less than 15 years since 9/11 and just the government abuses we know about are appalling. One can only imagine how bad they really act.
This is how Apple leverages the capital investments it makes in production lines. Expanding the use of that machinery to its other product lines - iPad, MacBooks, and possibly even iMacs - makes total sense from a financial point of view, plus it's something consumers will like.
I have a 5S on T-Mobile and have been using the iOS beta with WiFi calling. It works fine for both incoming and outgoing calls with the caveat that it seems to drop calls when moving from a WiFi to cellular. I haven't been disciplined in testing that so I can't say if it consistently happens or only periodically. What I can say is that when my wife and I end up on a call together and both are on T-Mobile's LTE network or she is and I'm on WiFi, the HD Voice quality is...
You must be new here. I mean, I know you're not but still...
I just went through with a T-Mobile Gold iPhone 6 with 64GB. Delivery is 9/19. I still don't see T-Mobile in the app, but the web is fine.
I've actually been pleased with the stability since about Preview 2 or 3. There's still periodic wonky behavior but nothing consistent has stood out for me. Granted I don't really use some of the features highlighted in the notes so I might not be a good test.   iOS, on the other hand, always amazes me during the betas. I'm always surprised how many apps crash which says a lot more about the poor design of those apps (I understood it happening with the huge shift of iOS...
1Password stores every piece of important info and makes it secure to "carry" with you. Logins, credit cards, bank accounts, driver's licenses, Social Security numbers, passports, reward membership, etc. And it's all secured through tight encryption.
you can use unlocked iPhones but an upgraded iPhone 5 was introduced that supported better T-Mobile coverage. The 5S once again became universal for the GSM model in the USA.It appears that wifi calling is only activated for the 5S (and maybe not with all plans). I have it and look forward to it. I received afree microcell from T-Mobile a couple of weeks ago but it's not a drastic improvement.
Because these companies colluded with each other to refuse to hire each others' employees, which had the clear economic objective of depressing wages. If companies want to secure certain people due to high valued skills, they need to negotiate with those individuals and enter into employment contracts with them. Colluding with other companies to agree not to hire them is so anti-competitive, anti-free market, and scummy that I'm wondering how anyone can logically look at...
Discovery is not public, but things introduced into evidence are pretty much always public except in limited circumstances. Those emails wouldn't fall into a trade secret category. Apple initiated the litigation, so they knew such materials would come out.
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