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Apple has actually been issuing interest-bearing bonds to fund its stock repurchase program. With the low interest rates, that makes a lot more sense than using up its own cash - domestic or foreign - that are better invested elsewhere. Many people aren't aware that Apple has been extremely efficient at optimizing the use of its own cash. It's definitely not sitting in a savings account somewhere.
Did you read that before posting.?It doesn't at all support the argument that his minimum salary was a mistake. Actually somewhat the opposite.For those who don't live in the Bay Area, a livable income is well above the minimum wage. And it's not just about the workers. People need services, and the whole financial equation has to work. Salaries get too low and something breaks.
Your belief is irrelevant. Multiple manufacturers have outsourced building of some of their cars to Magna. They have their own factories and build some of the same cars that the car companies themselves build at other manufacturing facilities...including BMW.
Ummm, wrong. Magna Steyr. Look it up. Car manufacturing most definitely can and has been outsourced.
I've got news for you, but the development of ANY car with nascent technology loses money ... Until it doesn't. Funny how you cite BMW's unwillingness to lose money, except that they definitely lose money on the i3 and very likely the i8. Which is fine, because they're building a market and Developing their abilities to design and manufacture EVs, which they clearly see as the future of cars. Tesla has always said that their profitability will come with their third gen...
Every time I see someone claim all car manufacturers could do what Tesla has done, I wonder why after 4 years they haven't done it. No one is claiming the laws of physics don't apply, but Tesla has designed and manufactured a car people actually want. BMW clearly did not. Why is it that they instead designed a stereotypical compact car as their EV? Why not a normal car like an EV version of the 3 Series after their Active-E pilot program? Or the Mini-E that they had a...
Is that a "marketshare" recommendation to Apple? Pretty sure they'll design a car they believe is great and that they will want to drive. And I bet you won't find too many F-150s in the Apple employee parking lot.
Just get Plex (plex.tv). It streams music. Just point it at the iTunes Music folder.
They don't make any money off Android, and pretty much no one else does either. Sure, they have market share but that hasn't proven to be a very compelling metric when gauging business success.
The real truth is that there was nothing RIM could do when Apple decided to build a smartphone. 
New Posts  All Forums: