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Whatever Apple does, it will be based on running the numbers and fitting into a strategy. I'm actually surprised someone would still pay an unsubsidized price of $375 for a 3GS. The margin at the price must be huge for Apple.
I'm definitely not single and it got cheaper.
  Look at it this way. Leaks about Apple products are just like product announcements from the other companies. They give some indication that a new product is coming. The media is not allowed to touch it. The details are sketchy. No pricing information is revealed. And everyone is still in the dark when the product will actually be made available for sale.   As examples, I give you the Microsoft Surface, Blackberry 10, and Nokia Lumia handsets.
I still don't understand why anyone enters a cell phone contract. It makes no financial sense when compared to buying an unlocked device and doing a prepaid, especially if you do the prepaid through an MVNO. The payback is something like 6-8 months. The only frustrating thing will be that none of the first tier operators allow MVNOs to access their LTE networks. However, HSPA+ isn't actually that much slower than LTE in actual practice. In fact, between my iPad 3 on...
  Can I borrow your Ouji board?
  That's an interesting fact. It's not true. But interesting. Mac shares of new PC purchases have been on a significant growth trend. Not just growing, but growing share.   http://www.forbes.com/sites/connieguglielmo/2012/07/11/apple-mac-sales-up-or-down-a-tale-of-two-researchers/   Sometimes I wonder if people even realize when they make stuff up, the effort of someone else to "fact check" the made up claim involves minimal effort.
  Other than through data packets, the UDID is not transmitted by the cellular technology itself. You're possibly thinking of the IMEI and ICCID numbers.
If you use a self compiled version of Android, you would be on more solid ground with your claim. However, every commercial Android-based phone from a manufacturer has plenty customizations and additional layers of software. I can't be bothered looking up the recent news (5-6 months ago) with the integrated "debugging" software that gave pretty much full access to all of the device's data. But there it was ...   Operators put a lot of pressure on handset makers to...
A lot of those will already be transported to Apple's own distribution centers for the inventories at retail locations. They seem mostly to ship the individual preorders direct from China. Still, one can't help but be impressed by what they are able to handle logistics-wise.
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