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It's unlikely hte primary operators will make LTE available through MVNOs very soon. The real joke is that HSPA+ is technically capable of performing as well as the current LTE offerings. I'm not personally decided whether to wait for T-Mobile or sit with Straight Talk for another generation (but still upgrade to the 5).
I was living in Australia when the iPhone 4 was released, and promptly bought one. I was frequently traveling throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and even parts of Africa. I absolutely never had a problem with reception or dropped calls during all of those travels ... until I traveled back to the USA and roamed onto AT&T's network. Then I experienced exactly what had been reported about the iPhone 4.   My view is that the iPhone 4's antenna design did show off...
I just spare myself that conversation. When I consolidated my 401ks into a Roth IRA about 12-18 months ago, I decided to just move it all into Apple stock. In that time, I've doubled the size of the asset. Meanwhile, my other investments are happy to give me 5-8%. Anyone telling me to change this approach needs to give me a real alternative. The sound of that advice is deafening.
It is highly unlikely that you will get access to any LTE network through an MVNO in the near future. On a practical level though, LTE coverage - especially with AT&T - is so spotty that some might not figure it's a big deal. And HSPA+ / DC-HSPA are pretty decent. For the price difference, I'm considering sticking with StraightTalk even with an iPhone 5. Regardless of whether I go back to AT&T, I will never get myself into a contract and will stick with unlocked phones....
You definitely aren't picking up HSPA+ on a 3GS, as the 4S was the first iPhone to support it.
That plus a prepaid account is cheaper than your 2 year contract. It's math. Sorry.
You just have normal voicemail. I actually set mine to forward after som rings to my Google Voice number, and set GV to Do Not Disturb. I get transcribed messages and Visual Voicemail like functionality.
The problem with the "it isn't innovative" claim is that no one can really identify what would have been innovative ... because until Apple shows an innovation to the market, no one knows about it.
The problem is that Samsung's copying of Apple has made it the only smartphone manufacturer that has remained competitive in the marketplace against Apple. The lesson is that, while you will pay a penalty the penalty is far outweighed by the long term benefit. The risk takers are the losers in this situation.
Apple is launching in a lot more markets, both the ones simultaneous to the US launch and the second set of countries one week later. It would be hard to fathom that Apple hasn't significantly upgraded manufacturing capacity and/or built up a very large inventory prior to release.   I have to wait, though, as I won't buy a locked iPhone. I wish Apple would release them at the same time in the US as the carrier versions, but what can you do?
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