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Not necessarily, because there's probably some statistical baseline or floor to the customer ratings. It's likely that no satisfaction was rated on a score of 0, so the real "0" rating is probably closer to the HP/Palm and RIM/BB ratings.
You've pretty much made my point. Integrating LTE on the device makes no sense with that kind of data plan because 1) you won't be getting very much data over cellular and 2) the LTE capable radio does use more battery than a non LTE one.   I'm not arguing against LTE. It's great. I have it on my iPad and soon on my iPhone. My point is that the matching data plan, while a perfectly fine deal for the quota you get, doesn't match up with the need to have a high bandwidth...
I wasn't referring to cellular. I was referring specifically to using LTE (as opposed to 3G or even EDGE). If the data plan doesn't support using very much data, then a more costly and less power efficient cellular technology doesn't make sense.
The problem is that data plans don't make sense with the way they are currently designed. Giving a quota of 250MB for an LTE device just means you're wasting dollars on integrating LTE. It also costs battery life. You sure as hell can't get any benefit from having it be LTE.
Whatever Apple does, it will be based on running the numbers and fitting into a strategy. I'm actually surprised someone would still pay an unsubsidized price of $375 for a 3GS. The margin at the price must be huge for Apple.
I'm definitely not single and it got cheaper.
  Look at it this way. Leaks about Apple products are just like product announcements from the other companies. They give some indication that a new product is coming. The media is not allowed to touch it. The details are sketchy. No pricing information is revealed. And everyone is still in the dark when the product will actually be made available for sale.   As examples, I give you the Microsoft Surface, Blackberry 10, and Nokia Lumia handsets.
I still don't understand why anyone enters a cell phone contract. It makes no financial sense when compared to buying an unlocked device and doing a prepaid, especially if you do the prepaid through an MVNO. The payback is something like 6-8 months. The only frustrating thing will be that none of the first tier operators allow MVNOs to access their LTE networks. However, HSPA+ isn't actually that much slower than LTE in actual practice. In fact, between my iPad 3 on...
  Can I borrow your Ouji board?
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