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Supply chain management - which Apple is undisputedly the leader - works quite a bit different than what you allude. Apple knows exactly when it is going to release a new iPhone. They also know exactly how much inventory has built up (including some they did intentionally to cover manufacturing disruptions like a model change). Also remember that Apple still produces the 3GS and 4, and will do the same for the 4S. They are very experienced at managing the supply side...
  Anyone with a calculator should run the numbers and see that it makes NO SENSE to buy a locked phone from an operator and be under contract. You should buy the phone directly from Apple and then do a month-to-month prepaid plan or use one of the MVNOs the resells the service for the operator of your choice. Of course, so far Verizon and AT&T have not allowed MVNOs to resell their LTE services yet.   With the iPhone 4S, you didn't even have to choose a different phone if...
  I'm of a like mind when it comes to the SoC. Using the A5X doesn't make any sense, as the main change from the A5 was additional on-die GPUs and those aren't needed for the iPhone X (copyright 2012 Focher). I'm not sure that additional cores make much sense either, but I'm not familiar with how heavily threaded iPhone apps are at this point. Perhaps there are some Cortex enhancements around execution speeds (including clock increases) that make more sense. It would be...
  Please tell me that you were being sarcastic when you wrote this reply. We at least should have some ground rules for the friendly banter.
  Good catch. My memory failed me from what was said during the last earnings call. Here is the actual quote from Tim Cook:       I remembered it backwards. What I can't quite interpret from his reference to "1 million units" if he was referring to total iPad units, just iPad 2, or just the new iPad.
I'm suspicious about Apple releasing different form factors in the same family at different times, at least so close together. For example, releasing an updated 21.5 inch iMac and then the 27 inch one month later? That makes no sense   What does make sense is Apple changing every device using the 30 pin connector over to the new 9 pin in as short a time as possible. Holiday sales of new accessories will be icing on the cake of another blowout financial performance.
Bluetooth and WiFi come together, as pretty much all available Broadcom silicon from for one includes the other. And Apple has pretty clearly moved completely to Broadcom for their wireless radios.
As the iPad 2 is still outselling the new iPad, and seems to be critical in the education market, I don't foresee Apple dropping that form factor at that price point. Who knows what they'll do in regards to the connector, though.
There are many women in their 50s sitting in bars right now who would snap a leopard print iPhone up.
I don't think Apple will suddenly become stupid when it comes to their sourcing practices. Among the many skills they seem to have institutionalized, supply chain management is probably the top one (even higher than product design, in my view). A billion dollars is so significant to Samsung, and most likely the final figure is not going to be a cash transfer but instead covered through credits or discounts on other transactions.
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