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The Apple TV doesn't need iTunes or a PC/Mac. That's only necessary if you want to stream content from a library hosted on a machine. You can stream directly from the Internet (including your music library if you have iTunes Match), an iPad, or iPhone. Netflix and iTMS are two such content streaming providers but here are more.
That's incorrect. Out of the box, Nest will use your Internet connection to monitor your local weather and adjust its behavior accordingly. In addition, it is Zigbee enabled and can be used in home automation configurations where it does things like lower/raise window shades.
It seems the Surface is a pretty decent hardware device, but I fail to see how the RT version is fundamentally better than an iPad. I think the tablet in the consumer space has been decided. Sure, you'll still get the low end Android devices but I don't see room for Microsoft in that space because they won't to be at the same price point and feature set as the iPad. But the question will always be "why would I get this instead of the iPad?" For the Pro version, the...
He has taken the concepts from WINE and simply applied them to iOS. Simply because he didn't port any of those frameworks doesn't mean it isn't technically possible. While there may be little commercial value to his efforts, it's a very interesting technology demonstration about how portable iOS apps really are.
Actually, those consumers don't seem confused at all. There's a difference between "if you want all the features get the latest model" versus "these are the latest models - some do this, this, and this and the others do that, that, and that".The only place Windows 8 tablets will sell is to corporate IT departments who will force them on users, and those users will hate them and just ask why can't they use an iPad. The ship has sailed in the tablet market.
Windows RT tablets are going to be awesome. Tablets that can run full desktop apps will be killer devices. What's that? Those tablets won't be able to run desktop apps? Oh? There will be Windows 8 tablets that can?   Oh well. I'm sure consumers will understand the difference.
  The RAM on the MB Pro 15 w/Retina is confirmed as soldered. It's not upgradeable. From an engineering standpoint, upgradeable components take more space. The slots and the physical space around them necessary to support that design would not allow for the thinness of these machines.
The MacBook Pro with Retina Display is the next iteration of notebooks fully replacing desktop computers in the Mac line. One of the last bastions for Mac desktops is for creative professionals, and this machine is definitely powerful enough to fulfill the needs for a significant portion of that segment. Everything you see in this machine will filter down to the other models.   Yeah, it's a niche machine. Just like Ferraris are niche cars. I would like one of each.
One of the slides during the iOS 6 portion of the WWDC keynote noted a Maps API. I suspect that a third party application will be able to use the API to integrate the mapping functionality into their own app, as opposed to providing a mechanism to add-on functionality within the Apple Maps app itself.   All in all, I think this will be a much more powerful thing in the ecosystem and more akin to what Google offers with its maps. I suspect also that Apple will...
You should just switch to Straight Talk. It's an MVNO for AT&T (similar to what Virgin Mobile is to Sprint - except Sprint owns VM but AT&T doesn't own Straight Talk). You can use an AT&T locked phone with Straight Talk. It's $45/mo for unlimited voice and text, plus the 2-3GB data (which they call "unlimited"). The only thing you give up is Visual Voicemail, the tethering option, and the option to roam internationally. In all other ways, you are on the AT&T network and...
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