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All judges encourage parties to settle. I heard a judge tell both parties one time that, if they choose not to settle then there was a good chance neither side would be happy with the final outcome. This lack of satisfaction is often the definition of a fair outcome.   Settlements allow a final resolution of a case to the satisfaction of both parties. Failure to settle usually means the case will live on for years.   I don't think your prediction about damages or...
You're correct that the contents of your posts rejecting the possibility of an iPad Mini hardly warrant an apology (which should be saved for much more substantive things than rumor-mongering), you are being a bit disingenuous to claim that you've only expressed your opinion about whether Apple will release a smaller iPad. You've actually made substantive arguments, and those arguments appear to be on the verge of being disproven. It's not just that you now believe it's...
Yes, but Samsung will for sure settle now.
The Verge also has a live blog. http://live.theverge.com/apple-samsung-verdict-live/
This meme gets repeated so often. If you don't even have an original thought and just parrot some statement by a Samsung executive, then save us from reading your drivel.As this article nicely highlights, the features in the design patent are not just the shape and corners. Things like the edge-to-edge glass and no edge cutouts are key components. Obvious? So obvious no one else did it before Apple. Natural progression? So natural after Apple did it.Add in the packaging...
Why do you keep using the iPhone 4 design in your comparison photos? Oh! I know! Because you don't know anything about this case nor about the law which applies. You're just another armchair "lawyer" hack who thinks you can bring your own thinking process to it. Of course, your thinking process starts with "Samsung didn't copy Apple" and then ends.
  We'll see. So far, none of the operators are letting MVNOs onto the LTE networks. But honestly, HSPA+ is pretty good and I don't noticed much of a performance difference in practice versus my LTE iPad.
This is why I use Straight Talk. I get the "benefit" of AT&T (the benefit being that it's network is GSM based) without the hassle. I never buy a subsidized, locked phone because the payback is only 8 months (plus a phone with a higher resale value). Plus, I get a lower monthly cost.
  The issue is when a data service provider tries to distinguish traffic. It makes no sense that I pay for a 4 GB data plan, and if I use the Skype mobile client I can get video calls within that quota but FaceTime is not permitted.
People are so wrong about all of this, with the constant "voice is the future" or "motion is the future". Every Jedi knows that it takes both a vocal command with a gesture to use a Force power. It's not "these aren't the droids you're looking for" ... it's "these aren't the droids you're looking for" combined with a wave of the hand. Just one or the other isn't enough.
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