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12 years with a major international consumer brand, and brand was king over product. Here's the test: tell me if these commercials connect to you on any emotional level. They are purely functional "you can do this with product X" ads (with an annoying - which I guess is an emotion but not a good one - addition of "and here is a service that can help you"). The ads are low rent. Not bad, just bad for Apple.
A decent device is going to do that every year about this time in the iPhone refresh. cycle. It doesn't matter, because even with fewer unit sales (which are still higher than any competing single model) Apple takes most of the market profits.
Those are perfectly good ads .... for most companies. For Apple, they are terrible. Apple ads have always been about associating a product with the Apple brand - except the Think Different campaign, which established the brand identity. People who start excusing Apple for not being great are just allowing mediocrity to seep back into its culture. Schiller should be rejecting such things. He may not know what the perfect ad is, but he should know when he sees one that isn't.
Actually, it was Tim Cook who explicitly stated Apple would not leave a price umbrella for the competition. Neither you nor I appear to have any personal knowledge on the issue of whether Apple will release a smaller form factor iPad. However, it's hard to see a market where Apple doesn't address the $200-$250 price tier.You can be snarky about it, but it doesn't change the reality that a segment of the population is price sensitive AND if Apple feels like it can deliver a...
Kindle Fire, for one. And while we don't know exact numbers, the statistics we've seen suggest anywhere from 10-20% of the overall tablet market is going to someone other than Apple. I'm not doomsaying. The iPad IS the tablet market right now. But if Apple feels it has an excellent product for the smaller form factor segment (actually, I should say "middle size" because the iPod Touch is the smaller form factor) then its unlikely they will cede market share to the also rans.
Uh, a company doesn't "miss" because it doesn't meet the made up numbers of random external people. A "miss" is when the company misses from its own guidance. And Apple most assuredly did not.
  The purchasing public is actually starting to say that it does also want the choice of a smaller tablet, and the longer Apple leaves that price umbrella in place the more likely a competitor is going to field a viable product. The reviews of the Nexus 7 are suggesting that could be now. I'll give you credit for consistency, but Apple has shown itself to be more open to competing in segments where it previously declared it would not ... once they feel they have a...
The issue is around the concept of a "price umbrella". At a $399 entry point, the problem is that Apple created a tablet market and competitors finally figured out that they can come in at the lower price points (now at $199 with the Nexus 7) and capture market share without competing with Apple. It was one thing when there was no traction for the other products, but Apple can't realistically leave that segment unanswered because it will just dilute the iPad's domination...
I'm amazed at the industrial design on that prototype, and how many design features ended up in the final shipping iPad in 2010 - a full 6 to 8 years later. When I first saw the iPad at its unveiling, I recall being impressed with the pure beauty and elegance of the design. Once I had one, I was even more amazed purely from an aesthetic standpoint. While the final iPad was successful based on a combination of how it looked, felt, and worked from a software standpoint...
  The problem is that the decision criteria isn't whether the Nexus 7 or any other tablet is good or comparable to an iPad. The evaluation criteria is already defined. Every new product must be able to satisfactorily answer "Why would I get this over an iPad?" The only two characteristics that have proven successful so far are price or form factor. But that's about it so far. "Comparable" isn't going to cut it.
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