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I'm amazed at the industrial design on that prototype, and how many design features ended up in the final shipping iPad in 2010 - a full 6 to 8 years later. When I first saw the iPad at its unveiling, I recall being impressed with the pure beauty and elegance of the design. Once I had one, I was even more amazed purely from an aesthetic standpoint. While the final iPad was successful based on a combination of how it looked, felt, and worked from a software standpoint...
  The problem is that the decision criteria isn't whether the Nexus 7 or any other tablet is good or comparable to an iPad. The evaluation criteria is already defined. Every new product must be able to satisfactorily answer "Why would I get this over an iPad?" The only two characteristics that have proven successful so far are price or form factor. But that's about it so far. "Comparable" isn't going to cut it.
  Ah yes, the "Android is winning" meme. Exactly how again? Android takes 85% of the profits in the mobile device market? Umm, nope. Android is installed on more devices. Umm, which version - for sure ICS / JB are a small segment of even Android. The only Android market is the Samsung handset market. The rest are companies bleeding money -  HTC. Sony. "Motorola" - pick any one you want. Windows Phone 8? When it exists, is on the market, and posts some sales than you can...
You fail to realize that the world has changed. People don't look to their corporate IT anymore for technology. They already buy better technology for themselves. The consumerisation of IT has been in full swing for some years now. Microsoft is increasingly irrelevant as a purchasing decision in the consumer space, and corporate IT will adapt. Just will take them awhile. Why do you think you still see Blackberries? You won't in 3 years. MS will get more time, but in 10...
Your whole premise is based on a definition of "productivity" being PowerPoint, Excel, Word. That's relevant in the PC era, but peoples' computing needs in the post PC era are quite different. Posting to FB and Twitter. Sharing photos and videos. Carrying their media library around. These are the post PC "productivity" behaviors.
I will actually agree with you. However that's based on this exact moment in time. The fact is that the post-PC era is upon us and just because at this specific moment in time the PCs still look viable as opposed to being the truck they are soon to become doesn't mean that we're not in the new era. You just have to see that it is coming. Look at the trends. It's clear that tablets - I mean iPads - are the next dominant platform for end user computing.
According to the article, Lion isn't affected. It's a PowerPC binary, and Apple dropped Rosetta support in Lion. So unless someone has gone to the extraordinary effort to get Rosetta running under Lion, there appears to be no impact.
I rarely see Flash video players anymore. Most have moved to HTML5. Even on that, Adobe finally gave in and added support for HTTP streaming to their Flash server. At this point, the iPad gives pretty much the same capabilities for viewing web sites as a desktop browser. One of the last functions, the ability to upload files, comes in iOS 6.
The Apple TV doesn't need iTunes or a PC/Mac. That's only necessary if you want to stream content from a library hosted on a machine. You can stream directly from the Internet (including your music library if you have iTunes Match), an iPad, or iPhone. Netflix and iTMS are two such content streaming providers but here are more.
That's incorrect. Out of the box, Nest will use your Internet connection to monitor your local weather and adjust its behavior accordingly. In addition, it is Zigbee enabled and can be used in home automation configurations where it does things like lower/raise window shades.
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