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Ah, I misread it. I thought you were criticizing the size of the dividend. Another read makes it clear.   It still doesn't change that a dividend has no real impact. Apple has a practical problem in that it can't sit on so much cash (which is increasing) forever. I fundamentally agree that Apple is in the best position to put that cash to the best business use but, as Apple hasn't shown any inclination to make big acquisitions (which is smart), the number of options is...
Jobs didn't want to pay out any dividend whatsoever, feeling that shareholder return was provided by growing the company. Am I to understand that you also believe Steve Jobs was a terrible visionary?   By the way, 30-40% margins on products is precisely because Cook is a visionary.
Except those numbers don't reflect the Nexus 7. These Samsung estimates have now been proven completely false. Unless Samsung sold 2.2 million tablets outside the USA, which is beyond preposterous that they sell everything outside the USA and virtually none inside. It's pretty clear that Samsung has close to 0% of the market, at best. I suspect the others are not so different. There is no "tablet market". There's only an "iPad market". The others are just outliers, with...
No one is found guilty in a civil trial. They can be found liable, but guilt (and innocence) is only relevant in criminal proceedings.
Really? You think people should be put in prison for copying a commercial competitor's products? A phone, no less? Let's just lock everyone up. Last one in the cell, please shut the door behind you.
Your post reminds me of a time I was in an Apple Store about six months ago waiting for a Genius appointment for my iPhone. The store was pretty crowded and I just looked around at people for a bit. What struck me was that no one seemed to be "waiting". They weren't waiting for service. They weren't waiting for others. Everyone was actively engaged in some way inside the store. I even watched while a guy with, my guess, his mom was being given a new iPad still in the box....
Hard to evaluate that claim when there's no agreed definition of "productive purposes" ... other than the one in your head, of course. Is "productive purposes" create MS Office files? Or maybe it's email, web browsing, Twitter, and Facebook. Jobs was right. Some people will need a truck, but most people don't need a truck. It's like defining the success criteria for a non-Windows device being whether it runs Windows software. Of course, now there will be Windows devices...
Yeah, that's great. Apple can devolve into the same level of brand as those two.
Let's just go back to that Intro to Logic class you ditched out on in college. A competitor running ads insulting to Apple users is not EQUAL to Apple running ads insulting to Apple users.
Under Samsung's argument (and those who support it) is that a patent wouldn't even be legitimate for a time machine. Apparently anything that has ever been imagined and fictionalized is prior art. I think they don't understand the term "art" isn't the definition their mind.
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