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Whenever I read an article about discrimination, I just replace the group being discriminated against with the words relating to race. It really helps dispel the "no one would dare to suggest it as a valid reason to discriminate against a black person, but here it's ok." The beauty of using racial discrimination as a check is that racial discrimination is so utterly socially unacceptable now (despite that individuals and groups still promote it) that it takes out the time...
 You're on the wrong forum if you own APPL stock. The fundamental issue is that AAPL's valuation is already artificially low. When you remove cash, it's P/E is less than 8. For sure, a company's actual value versus the stockmarket's valuation is not going to match up because most stock traders are nothing more than gamblers. Over the next 10 years, AAPL will continue to increase in actual value. Whether the stock price reflects that is, as always, a guess.
Thanks, Apple.
I love your post but perhaps I should write you a three page letter on how it can be improved.
Tesla fully intends to be a mass market car manufacturer, and they've demonstrated at every moment that they will do it. They started at the top of the market, but their intention is to deliver a mainstream EV in 2017. Those who doubt them continue to be wrong.That said, cars are not consumer electronics. While there are obvious opportunities for a business partnership, outright ownership makes no sense. Elon Musk is the Edison / Ford of our time. He's not interested in...
I have mine on DRiP (dividend reinvestment plan) which just got me more undervalued shares.
I'm fine with the lawsuit being tossed. However, Siri really is not particularly reliable in comprehension in various situations, even for contexts it supports.
Hate to tell you, but we still have the documented history of monopolies in the pre-Sherman Antitrust Act days. It's ludicrous to suggest that the "invisible hand" of consumer purchasing habits are sufficient by themselves to prevent monopolies from occurring in many industries. Your use of T-Mobile is also not appropriate for your point, as there's no evidence whatsoever that they are struggling in the market. The reason they are attractive is because they remain small...
This merger isn't gonna happen.
I agree it carries weight. It makes many of us want to have Apple do the opposite. Why? Because Icahn wants Apple to do whatever maximizes his share value. I want Apple to do what's best to create and sell great products. Why? Because when they do this it ensures the long term maximization of the share value. Icahn misses a step in the middle. He's never been interested in that step. That's why he's nothing more than leech. 
New Posts  All Forums: