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Because these companies colluded with each other to refuse to hire each others' employees, which had the clear economic objective of depressing wages. If companies want to secure certain people due to high valued skills, they need to negotiate with those individuals and enter into employment contracts with them. Colluding with other companies to agree not to hire them is so anti-competitive, anti-free market, and scummy that I'm wondering how anyone can logically look at...
Discovery is not public, but things introduced into evidence are pretty much always public except in limited circumstances. Those emails wouldn't fall into a trade secret category. Apple initiated the litigation, so they knew such materials would come out.
The iPad TV and the iPad Watch
Google invented search? Don't tell that to Yahoo or Alta Vista alumni. Yes, they vastly improved it with a different set of algorithms but they sure didn't invent it. Gmail was just a competitive offering to Hotmail. Google didn't invent YouTube, they acquired it. Google+ is a straight out attempt to copy Facebook. I don't disagree that Google is an innovative company, but with the exception of their innovations in search, your examples are pretty weak. Street View would...
 What does "using" mean? I'm "using" it when it's in hands free mode. I'm "using" it when speaking to Siri and giving it some commands, including call and texting. An unclear law is worse than no law at all because it leaves too much room for abuse by what have become vested interests in generating revenue through traffic citations. These things don't even get heard by judges for the most part, and usually just local traffic commissioners. So you have a police officer who...
I'm impressed this even went so far as to get an appellate court ruling. The fact that Mr. Spriggs invested so much effort to fight the ticket is to be lauded, because almost everyone else simply pays the "low" fine because it's easier than to fight. That's why we get very few court rulings on small traffic violations. It's just not worth it to the defendant, as the best they achieve is to get their fine voided.   In this case, it's a rational reading of the law and...
Yeah, that got rejected in the 60s but thanks for your reactionary views.I assume you also include race and gender in your world view of permissible discrimination?
All the anti-gay crap is no different than the discrimination people faced over their gender and race. People are bigots and disgusting, and time will show them as no different than the racists that were called out in previous times. Society advances, but many people don't. They do, fortunately, eventually die.
 I don't think you understand dates and spans of time. Ya see, the link you posted was the explanation of the SSL exploit as provided by Adam Langley on February 22nd whereas the 10.9.2 update containing a fix for that bug was released on February 25th. Perhaps you can now understand what's going on.
What "special interest group"? Homosexuals? It's not a club where you sign up.Are races "special interest groups? How about elderly people? Women?
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