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It wouldn't matter. If the University patented it first under those circumstances, they win. Apple either needs to either: 1. Show they didn't use the patent; or2. Have the patent invalidated through prior art, non-uniqueness, etc.
 Actually, Microsoft lost their legal battles against Lindows. Eventually, they did settle but in no way did Microsoft win anything through a court room. In fact, they backed off the legal strategy because they started to fear the Windows trademark would be ruled as too generic. In the instant case, I find it highly doubt that "Candy" would be upheld as a legitimate trademark as it is an extremely generic term by itself. The problem is that to get to the moment and have a...
No one in this thread even mentioned OBD2 or the CANNBUS. That pretty much says it all about what people know about this space.
Obviously another total fail by Apple to not match and even exceed analysts' expectations. I have mind to liquidate my shares but cannot do so as I'm an actual long term investor and not a day trader.
 I don't believe Apple has any ownership of ARM anymore despite they were one of the founders (Acorn, Apple, and VLSI). Pretty sure they divested themselves early in Jobs' return to Apple as one way to get cash back to fund Apple's "rebirth". They are now licensees like many others. Of course, they are also the first ones to bring a product to market with the 64 bit core / architecture.
Look! A squirrel!
Why would you make such a terrible investment? From your perspective, Apple is a financially mismanaged company yet you invested your own money in them. That makes no sense, so it must mean that it would make no sense to follow your other financial advice.
I am torn. On the one hand, many of the things he says in his letter are true. I also agree that Apple should be buying back its shares. That being true, I'm so opposed to short term investors (of which he is one, despite his characterization otherwise, because no investment company is really a long term investor) trying to manage from the shareholder perspective that I will not support his proposal. The only people who have demonstrated a true commitment to Apple's...
I'm so pissed. I had submitted an idea for this "real life example" ad campaign. It's all about how I use my iPad to stalk women. Last time was when I totally picked up this girl on a ski lift and later showed her how I had made collages of her photos and created a virtual "wall" of her photos with little pins to hold them up. True story.
I consider myself adept at sarcasm detection, but that's pretty borderline. Some might take it seriously, thinking Nest really is a thermostat company. Just like Apple is a smartphone company or a PC vendor.
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