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 The only one I'm aware of is iAds, and it's a (somewhat) clear opt-out for users. Are there other examples? It's definitely not a significant revenue stream for them, especially when compared to Google where it's pretty much the only revenue stream.
 I think it is true, because even in your example it's only a matter of time before Google introduces a competing service so that it doesn't have to share the monetization of that user data with the "partner". I struggle to find an example of any company that used Google services that reached a measurable size and didn't have Google try to crowd into its turf. Remember that Google's services only exist to drive traffic to Google's search and ad business, which are the only...
Fundamentally, Google can never be a good strategic partner to anyone. Their business model is in the collection and monetization of users' data. The only organizations that would benefit from being part of that model are ones who also are focused on the collection and monetization of users' data. And that would create an inherent long term conflict with Google.   Apple's business model is clear. They sell you things. They don't sell you.
Too bad because Apple's tool is severely limited.
If they have coverage where you need it, T-Mobile beats the others easily. Cheaper and faster. I'm also getting to enjoy their free global roaming service. It's completely revolutionary. Free data (3G, you have to pay extra for LTE), free texts, and $.20/min for local calls in the country you're visiting. All part of the existing plan. These numbers reinforce that their strategy is paying off. Those are terrific new customer acquisition numbers considering their base and...
On OSX you would not develop to a proprietary GPU layer. You use OpenCL for any GPU computing. In fact, OpenCL abstracts so that it uses both the CPUs and GPU for processing.
It's in a newspaper, so no one will see it anyway.
Here's a tip for those who don't like iOS 7 and/or are waiting to upgrade. Suck it up. Deal with it. You're gonna upgrade. You're not going to have a choice.   The rest is just noise.
Despite your lack of belief, it remains true. They use dime sized micro antennas and each subscriber has a dedicated one. It's just fact.
New Posts  All Forums: