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You can most certainly set profiles as being user deletable or not in MDM.
Umm, no. You don't seem to know anything about MDM on iOS because none of what you said is true.
1. Market share is irrelevant to Apple. Just listen to Cook (and Jobs before him).2. See #1.Apple isn't mysterious about this at all. They see their purpose as being here to make great products that consumers will love. They are not interested in being in the commodity space of a category, despite knowing most of a market will always get commoditized. I have no doubt that Apple would make a $10 phone if they thought they could make the best phone possible. They don't...
No, it doesn't go both ways because Apple has actually set the market price and is managing its public business based on its understanding of how to do that accurately. Anonymous Internet persons, myself included, aren't relevant to identifying the optimum pricing at all.
 You know nothing about pricing elasticity. Seriously, contact your local community college and take an introductory economics course. There are very advanced statistical models which show how to price consumer goods to optimize revenue, profit, and unit sales. This isn't something some anonymous person on an Internet forum is going to know anywhere close to Apple.
 That's exactly the problem with these reports on the cost of the bill of materials. People mistake them for the total cost of the item. There are lots of additional costs. R&D and software development investments, which are amortized among all devices. Future software upgrades, which are accrued. Free bundled software like iWork and iLife. Below the line marketing. Logistics. Packaging. And one of the biggest - tooling costs. That's another misunderstanding people have....
Oh Sandy. You say that you won't be able to write anymore without a physical keyboard on your device. I sincerely hope you keep your promise.
Every person who claims that the 5c is just a molded plastic case on an iPhone 5 is just plain ignorant. The radio is significantly upgraded and there is an improved FaceTime camera, just to note two things we already know about. As for margins on it, it takes a pretty wild guess to claim that margins are significantly improved versus if they had followed their "normal" strategy of just moving the 5 down one notch.
 Maybe, but only because the stock price is completely removed from reality. What I do know is that the iPhone will sell more than ever, continue to be the best selling phone by a huge margin, and Apple will make even more in profit.
Wearable Computing? More like Wearable Birth Control.
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