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I ordered a Pencil because I'm still on my quest for a good replacement for a paper/pen notepad. I have a SmartPen but hate the requirement for special paper. I have a Pogo Connect but don't think it feels as natural as a pen, plus I never found an app that really handles palm rejection effectively. We'll see how this one goes... Without an active digitizer, the iPad really struggles with having the pieces in place to work effectively with a stylus. It's the only feature...
This is actually untrue. Multiple Nest Thermostats do actually interact, although Nest doesn't really make it clear to what extent. One function, for example, is the Away function. Setting one device to Away (or having Auto Away trigger) is communicated to other devices. When the Away is deactivated - manually or automatically - it also does so on the other thermostats. The new Nest Protect (CO2 and smoke alarm) also interacts with Nest Thermostats.
 That explains why I see them everywhere. Oh, wait. Nevermind. Maybe it's that Samsung is full of shit.  Unfortunately, no one is going to sue them for copying when they created that piece of crap so we won't have a chance to get the real sales numbers like we need for their tablets...when it was revealed that hardly anyone really was buying them, and those that were returned them quickly because they were crap.
Just to confirm, iBeacons uses BTLE? I want to know exactly which radio(s) to turn off before walking into these places.
There's Terms and Conditions to using certain TVs now? Who still doesn't like regulation?
In December 2006, Apple was lagging way behind when it came to smartphones. In March 2010, Apple was lagging way behind when it came to tablets. So, yeah. Apple is lagging way behind when it comes to wearable computing devices. Until it isn't.
What a load of crap. Blackberry lost its "more secure" claim years ago. Starting with the 3GS, iPhones got hardware level data encryption on the device. Starting with iOS 3, the mobile device management (MDM) API provided device management including remote wipe capabilities. All sync capabilities are SSL encryption enabled. And all of that has gotten significantly stronger in the years since, while BB has remained pretty much the same. There's pretty much no enterprise...
Exactly. The guy is a fucking scumbag. Don't support him or this app.
call -151 c600g   Not that lazy pr#6 crap.
If 264 ppi is retina, than doesn't it mean 326 ppi is overkill because the human eye can't distinguish? I still get the merits of having a consistent resolution.
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