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 Maybe, but only because the stock price is completely removed from reality. What I do know is that the iPhone will sell more than ever, continue to be the best selling phone by a huge margin, and Apple will make even more in profit.
Wearable Computing? More like Wearable Birth Control.
So when you have seen people holding up iPads and using them as digital cameras, looking stupid in public. This is now what Samsung is copying.
 Perhaps we can make a list of Apple rumors and then evaluate what ever happened with those rumors? While Apple rumors are fun to hear and react to, you can always pinpoint the moment in time when they are verified as true - when Apple confirms it. All the rest is the geek equivalent of TMZ.
  I assume you are referring to Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) with that statement. If so, then you are incorrect about this particular patent. If a company doesn't offer a patent that is then included as part of an industry standard then it's not a SEP and the company is under no obligation to license the patent. If it does choose to license the patent, it can do so at any price it deems appropriate (and which is agreed by the licensee).
Let's see. First, I would have to suffer going to Best Buy. Second, they will give me a fraction of what I can get selling the phone on eBay (actually, I sold two iPhone 4s factory unlocked at a recent garage sale for $300 each). Finally, I also get to overpay by signing a 2 year contract with an overpriced carrier. What a deal!
      Better to ignore such idiotic posts. Actual details are irrelevant to such people. S/he has already decided that the 5S will not be innovative or different (enough) than the 5. The thing could include an Orgasmatron feature and it wouldn't be enough. Apple, of course, lives under a different standard than other manufacturers. While they invented the modern smartphone, they don't have 12" screens on their phones yet so clearly not innovating.
  Yes they will. Maybe not right away, but within weeks they will encounter an "iOS 7 required" situation. Bet on it.
There's no evidence of causation that MS's stock buyback caused the stock price to languish over the last ten years.   In the end, it's a math calculation. Does it financially make more sense to borrow money at low interest rates to buy back stock at a low price, knowing that Apple generates more than enough cash to pay the loan and take the interest tax deduction. What exactly should Apple be doing? Its first priority is to run its business well and acquire new...
New Posts  All Forums: