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Here's a tip for those who don't like iOS 7 and/or are waiting to upgrade. Suck it up. Deal with it. You're gonna upgrade. You're not going to have a choice.   The rest is just noise.
Despite your lack of belief, it remains true. They use dime sized micro antennas and each subscriber has a dedicated one. It's just fact.
Actually not. Aero has won every single court battle, including at the appellate level. The important distinction is that Aero uses a different micro-antenna for every subscriber. That's what makes it private. The analogous case law involves the cable companies and their central DVR functionality and the "music locker" providers. In both those scenarios, the separate subscriber storage was the critical distinguishing factor. As long as the provider was essentially...
It's AT&T. There's only "expensive" options and "more expensive" options.
I live pretty close and will likely visit at some point. However, I don't get one think in this area - open shopping centers. We have cold winters, and the open air shopping malls make no sense to me. Yet they are as prevalent here as they are in southern California, where they actually make sense.
Seems a lot of rehash of the same that was said about the thermostat.
 I get what you're saying when it comes to Sony's costs, but from a "total solution" standpoint I'd rather have the iPhone 5S with such a lens. For me, the problem is that it uses WiFi instead of BT 4.0 for connectivity. And, while I can't speak to the quality of the sensor and lens or even ultimately the photos the convenience factor - all other things being equal - would get my buy-in over my DSLR camera.
 It also said 5.29 GB to me. However, at about 1.1 GB it "finished" downloading and kicked off the installer. I suspect that the App Store saw that I was already on DP 8 and did just download the differential needed.
 iPhone 5 (2nd gen GSM model) and iPad Gen 3 here, with absolutely no issues. Seriously, anyone who is spending their time documenting any problems they are experiencing on a forum needs to open a new tab and go to bugtracker.apple.com. Are people under the impression that Apple is checking forums to identify bugs?
New Posts  All Forums: