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I'd like Apple to be honest in where this is going. I'm reading between the lines and I dont like it ONE bit. OS X is moving towards IOS one step at the time. I've said it before and i'll say it again. If Apple removes the file system from OS X. That will be the end of my customer relationship with Apple.  It would be nice to know now so everybody can make an exitplan if they dont like it.
I ll pass on this one... untill I get my search UI back where it was and an switch to only search localy. This ist just PLAIN STUPID!!! OS X is NOT just for the web like IOS, morons. I search for local files with spotlight 100% of the time.
What about security updates? You want to have a lot of devices with security holes in them like Android has, tarnishing the Apple brand??? Apple does NOT make security updates for older IOS versions which i think it really should consider because the hardware is still OK for many without the new features.
What? Why would someone be put in jail because they paid for a phone that was a prototype? I think its just Verizons bad if they screwed up (If thats what REALLY happened).
Its time to produce that 4" next gen phone asap or lose me as a customer. Atleast other phone manufacturers have smaller phones so theres still hope on this matter. And I feel 100% the same on the fact that Cook just dropped the ball. You have to be bold sometimes. Looking at the comments most commenters feel very much the same way about abandoning the 4" size...
It strikes me that people think computers are good at guessing what I want in my life. How I see it they only try to homogenize my life on the things I have already done or just a thought I had. Not what I really want or need to do. Lets not pretend like technology could run my life the way I want it. Computers dont know why I would do something. It may not be because I want or like to do it for example. It makes a quite fundamental flaw in ones way of thinking. It reduces...
Personly I dont like many of his designs... (looked at google images) To me thats more arts stuff than industrial design. Sorry.   He seems to be a totally form over function type of guy. Now Steve knew that form was very important but that function was AS important. I hope I´ve can keep the lid on this guy and use some of his ideas and use the things that works from the use point of view.
Or if the shot person was not even a/the kidnapper , the police would need to see if the person would have done something other incriminating things to justify shooting him/her in the first place...
Why do you think its not a problem? I have had issues inthe winter myself. Luckily the phone started working after 7 hours of drying. Im probably out Of luck with the warranty though and so are you! I have several friends that have worked in the winter and had their Iphone unwarranted and dead because of this but hey apple is selling some more phones via your home insurance company(if you have it). And we all pay larger premiums because of this...
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