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Whats an iAd? I have never seen one so I don't know... I think this speaks for itself doesn't it?
I stand by my view and you need to prove me wrong. Give me an example of vulnerability patches to any other major IOS version than what is currently in production. Apple has _never_ _ever_ asfar as I know patched older ios versions for any reasons.
Because Apple is in a peculiar spot now selling very old hardware that will not be supported after the next gen iteration with software in any kind of way because apple doesnt support old IOS versions and your not going to be able to upgrade. This will get really interesting when there's a large number of "quite new" devices that don't get any kind of security updates. This will probably be of high interest to cyber criminals. It sure looks to me like Iphone 4S and Ipad 2...
I havent had a screen protector since moving from plastic touchscreen to iphone 3G (first iphone available in my country). Newer ever had a problem because I allready know not to have the phone with something else in the pocket just as a precaution. Now before it would have been catastrophic on a plastic screen but with the gorilla glass screen it was not so. Under some circumstances you might get some light scratches but those are quite easy to avoid by the user if one...
Expected if you try to make a material less prone to shattering I guess. You have 2 options if you want the screen hard so it wont scratch. Then it will be more prone to braking on a sharp hit (high energy impact). if you want to make the glass more "soft" so it wont brake on hard impact it will be more prone to scratching. Maybe this is what happened with gorilla glass3 (which is probably what the glass is if its not some cocktail specifically make for apple). But anyway...
I'd like Apple to be honest in where this is going. I'm reading between the lines and I dont like it ONE bit. OS X is moving towards IOS one step at the time. I've said it before and i'll say it again. If Apple removes the file system from OS X. That will be the end of my customer relationship with Apple.  It would be nice to know now so everybody can make an exitplan if they dont like it.
I ll pass on this one... untill I get my search UI back where it was and an switch to only search localy. This ist just PLAIN STUPID!!! OS X is NOT just for the web like IOS, morons. I search for local files with spotlight 100% of the time.
What about security updates? You want to have a lot of devices with security holes in them like Android has, tarnishing the Apple brand??? Apple does NOT make security updates for older IOS versions which i think it really should consider because the hardware is still OK for many without the new features.
What? Why would someone be put in jail because they paid for a phone that was a prototype? I think its just Verizons bad if they screwed up (If thats what REALLY happened).
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