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Surely in the late 70s, when the Apple II was king, Apple would have had the lions share of the "home computer" market. No-one bought a Commodore PET for their home after all.
It sounds as if a programmer used if (leaseend == current_time)rather than if (leaseend <= current_time)Oops!
If you read the patents themselves you will see that they are originally "PalmSource", i.e. Palm/Handspring and probably come from their experience with the Treo, which were essentially the first smartphones. (I believe the first Handspring Treo pre-dates the first Blackberry.) How this company which is suing came to get the patents is another matter.
I have three machines. The two I didn't cleanly boot before installing the Combo update hung in the same way. The machine I cleanly booted before the install worked. So, my advice is to reboot just before installing the update.
10.5.7's out. Get it while it's hot! :-)
Basically, most people in the UK want the 16GB Black unit. The 8GB is considered far too small and the white one just looks cheap and naff. If you're going to pay £150 for a phone which you're planning to keep for a while there's no point in buying the second best. Oh, and the stock update isn't to be relied upon. I checked it on Friday night and it said that the Southampton Apple Store had 16GB Black iPhones. However, after a 2 hour trip there on Saturday morning I was...
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