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I would be first in line to upgrade if there was a 4 inch screen version
"The suite was last updated on the Mac in 2010, and subsequent updates have not arrived because Microsoft disbanded its Mac business unit soon after it launched." That is not true. Not sure where this rumor originated from. Probably because Microsoft Mac Business Unit has been renamed to APEX after Mac Office 2011 was released and that name change was not publicly announced because APEX team (still the same people as MacBU) started working on Office for iPad.
PRISM rule #1: You don't talk about PRISM
I must agree that this store design is not especially appealing but looking at the surrounding buildings I don't think this is a place for anything extravagant.
Love how Elmer-DeWitt exposes the flawgic and media bias
According to Kurt Vonnegut the difference between nude art and pornography is presence of... pubic hair.
Lipstick on a (very ugly) pig. Without deeper subcategories support, browsing iTunes app store is a nightmare.
I can help with that: how do they know that the pilots are AA members?
Wonder if HTC cared if Apple Inc fillings referred to them as H.T.C.
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