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Microsoft had this exact tech with their cancelled phone mclaren that was supposed to come out this past December. Supposedly they couldn't come up with a good me enough use for it. They were going to use it as extra options when you hovered over a tile
Insteon has a homekit hub all ready to go but they are waiting on apple. Maybe this means insteon is releasing the hub in june?
You obviously haven't either.  The 1020 has a xeon flash . IT also saves In raw format. So your jpeg lossiness comment shows you have no idea what your talking about. 
I don't know  about the everyone is in a wait and see pattern. Microsofts band sold out within hours of going onsale . I think its more of a price vs features.  I still see people refreshing microsofts web page constantly hoping that new stock would show up.  I think having a fitness band over $100 that doesn't do more then track things will be a hard sell. You have the Microsoft band at $200 then you have the apple watch above that.
Do they mean 3d touch or 3d display? Supposedly Microsoft had the 3d touch hardware all ready for a new lumia phone but couldn't come up with a compelling reason for its actual use that allowed for the extra money.
I could be wrong but I think the terminals that accept chase blink are also nfc enabled due to chase cards using nfc. Some chase cards have nfc and some have rfid.
Do the terminals that accept chase blink accept nfc payments also? Maybe that's why mcdonalds is on with apple pay?
I find it funny that microsofts marketing is working so well they even have apple sites talking about the new version of windows.   If you guys really hated Microsoft you wouldn't be talking about them at all.   I have to admit microsofts marketing team knows what they are doing. Keep in mind even bashing gets the new windows out there.
How do they make it so that the grille doesn't get it the way? On current phones if you even get a small scratch on the glass infront of the camera the camera only focuses on the scratch.
I know people here do not like windows but I always thought apple should take a play out of those 3 in 1 windows laptops. Make a dock of sorts for the ipad that the ipad clicks into which turns the ipad into the monitor and the OS switches to OSX. It would be perfect for schools.
New Posts  All Forums: