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They Gimped one drive. took away the unlimited storage options, got rid of the 100 gig and 200 gig plans . anybody that had any of the promotions gets those taken away also. stuck with either office 365 1terabyte  or $2 a month 50 gig plan (which is more expensive then apples icloud plan ). A lot of die hard windows phone  fans are very upset. It might be the thing that finally has the rest of the userbase go to iphones (or android). It was just announced last night.
After the Microsoft announcement today I predict another surge of iPhone sails. I have a Microsoft phone and the announcement makes me seriously think of getting an iPhone (had the 3g and 3gs before iphones got super popular).
Well when you say you invented it and did it first which is a blatant lie yes it does matter. I wouldn't have had a problem with it but when you say you invent something when you didn't that's my problem. ​ Also I am pretty sure its on any phone with lumia cyan firmware or higher which was 2 years ago. My 920 has it, my 1020 has it and my 1520 has it.  Apple did giva a job to one of the nokia imaging engineers responsible for it. So that's where they got the idea from.
Its been on windows phone for a year or two . On windows phone you can export them as gif and other things and can put them into movies.
They took living images from nokia and Microsoft and called it their own.
People all over are taking this wrong. Nokia made a ton of different handsets with one thing changed between them. Microsoft is doing this to make their phone lineup simpler/. instead of 10 different models of phones they will make 2 or three. If your cutting down the phone models to just 2 or 3 you can let go a ton of staff. 
Insteon is just like that. You have a switch that works with insteon . You can also wire their module inbetween the switch and the bulb or you can just do an insteon bulb.  IF you have plug in lamps you use the insteon plugin dimmer module.  Insteon even has low voltage controllers that work via wirein. They even have electrical sockets with insteon built in. 
Technically the insteon thermostat would be the first homekit controlled one right? since the insteon hub is homekit compatible.
Microsoft had this exact tech with their cancelled phone mclaren that was supposed to come out this past December. Supposedly they couldn't come up with a good me enough use for it. They were going to use it as extra options when you hovered over a tile
Insteon has a homekit hub all ready to go but they are waiting on apple. Maybe this means insteon is releasing the hub in june?
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