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I find it funny that microsofts marketing is working so well they even have apple sites talking about the new version of windows.   If you guys really hated Microsoft you wouldn't be talking about them at all.   I have to admit microsofts marketing team knows what they are doing. Keep in mind even bashing gets the new windows out there.
How do they make it so that the grille doesn't get it the way? On current phones if you even get a small scratch on the glass infront of the camera the camera only focuses on the scratch.
I know people here do not like windows but I always thought apple should take a play out of those 3 in 1 windows laptops. Make a dock of sorts for the ipad that the ipad clicks into which turns the ipad into the monitor and the OS switches to OSX. It would be perfect for schools.
Couldn't Samsung still appeal ? This can go on for years right?
Question, The patent is how the OS handles the gesture not the gesture itself right?
Maybe its possible that delta relies heavily on microsft office and they figured it would bet better to give the pilots surfaces and lumia 820's because they both have office on them?
 Its only been a standard since 2013 so androids couldn't have had this for years. Also The Group responsible for multipatch tcp states Specifically that SIRI uses it in ios 7
Does this fix the problem I have been having since the iphone 4 of ios picking the 1 bar of cellular over the 300mbps speeds of my wifi? I keep having to disable cellular data to get things to go through.
Ordered the gray 5s at 5am est says mine delivers sept 26 - sept 30
 Have you seen sales in other countries besides the US? the 520 is selling a ton of phones. especially in china. Apple could have done some changes to the 4s to make it cheaper and sold it for say $150 or $200 OFF contract. Apple still could have made a ton of money. t is not a joke post. if apple took the 4s and took out say the front camera , use the plastic casing of the 5c , and did some other tweaks it could come up with a quality phone for a cheap off contract...
New Posts  All Forums: