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I saw this on a Chinese rumor site...or so i think it is.  Since I use Safari and Apple is not up with the times and translation tools like Chrome. notice the logo and boilerplate stuff is printed on the back.  
colorway is a term used in many design industries.  Architecture and Interior design for instance.  It refers to a particular color in a series provided from a manufacturer of just about anything in the related fields (i.e. fabrics, paint, tile, etc.)  It may not be a word in the dictionary, but it does exist in common speak.  Don't even get me started on the way the IT industry has mercilessly hijacked the age-old profession of "Architect".  And when they subsequently...
for what it's worth:   http://iphone.91.com/news/jrrd/130815/21598865.html http://www.ctocio.com.cn/cloud/316/12690816.shtml http://tech.ifeng.com/digi/mobile/new/detail_2013_08/15/28653007_1.shtml   Not sure if these links will work, since i'm sitting in my hotel room in Beijing searching the Chinese news tech rumor mills.   Oh, here's some shots if the links don't work:        
Maybe I can't remember from past articles, but...Does anyone know if this "Campus 2" will be a replacement for the original campus or just a 2nd Campus?
Yes   if you watch movies on your iPhone if you watch movies on a non-retina device (ipad Mini, iPad 2) If you want to rent the movie it's cheaper in SD and don't care about image quality if you're in a foreign country and have a crappy internet signal (cough...China...cough)  I will purchase a season in HD but download the SD since it's a free download if you've purchased it in HD.
Well, I own all of them on DVD, I wish there was a code you could enter to receive a discount on digital download if you already own the movie.  It really is robbery what they charge for movies when most people at this day/age have re-purchased movies more than 3 times based on formatting upgrades.  I know i'm one of those that have done this with a handful of movies.  And after the switch from DVD to BD, I really don't want to re-buy again unless they at least have...
agreed, or let you upgrade a previously downloaded "Digital Edition" (included with some DVD/BD's) that's in SD as a upgrade to HD price. I have a lot of "Digital Editions", won't buy a new BD without it or at least not without Commentaries.   For me, I buy Physical Media editions mainly for two things: Digital Edition and Commentaries.  Not even iTunes offers that.  I'd gladly re-buy all my previously purchased digital copies if ITunes offered commentary tracks.  I mean...
What confuses me about this last bit... Basically they're saying that if Apple didn't settle, they want to shut down the entire iTunes Store.  That's BS.   However, I'm not sure but I don't think Apple applies the "Agency Model" to any other part of the iTunes Products.   Music: price set by Apple and approved by Industry. Movies/TV: same as music Apps: Price set by Dev's Magazines: not sure.   So really, what I'm confused about is why would the DoJ impose this later...
I agree with that too.  I guess we'll all have to wait for Siracusa's full review when it comes out, presumably within day's of the official release.  I'm actually more excited about Mavericks than iOS 7.
I think you have that backwards.  With the way LTE and wireless data is going, i'd expect all telephony-based chips to be gone in the next several years and everything is via data connection.   I've been waiting for a 3G or LTE iPod touch for years now.  besides price/value there's really nothing stopping apple from creating apps that dial/text phone numbers.  Exactly the way that Google Voice does.
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