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Really? ZDnet, WSJ? Unreputable sources? Not sure about computerworld but still, stop the appolies, my opinion of course, but i've never read anything from these two that has been 100% fabricated.
different strokes... I use my ipod classic as my music device, i use my iphone 3g as my Everything-Else Device when out of the house. see my previous statements for more detail.
They didn't really re-invent anything, just a way to make things more accessible to people. The iPod didn't re-invent the music industry, just made it more accessible to people. The iPhone didn't re-invent smartphones, they just made it easier to use and more integrated into our lives. That's why i think, looking into the existing partnerships Apple has, we will see a STB with iOS4 soon, and possibly partnered with ATT and U-Verse.That is exactly what Google intends on...
except that the app store doesn't support the shuffle, nano and classic any more. I have about 4 apps on my Classic (all games)...however i don't believe i've seen an update for any of them since 2008
we're getting way off topic now, i fear the troll enforcers will be out in droves now. Except most people confuse trollers with haters. Can't say i've drive or owned an american car in 10-15 years, but i am curious about the Fords, god, the only American car company that can remain viable and without bailout money. Too bad they limited themselves to a Microsoft interface. Glad to hear it works with the ipod. Now if they could come up with a car that can compete with...
crack is wak! So ATT will have to revise the commercials to "fewer bars, but fewer dropped calls, in more places".
if you're not supposed to touch it there, why the heck would that put it in a place where it's inevitably where you WILL touch it! I wish i could find that post that showed a photo from every iP4 commercial/ad showing everyone holding the phone "the wrong way". just sayin!
i don't remember that. I do tend to go off topic on stuff, sorry...but sometimes people start with ignorant shit and i just have to chime in. and sometimes these Posts bring up some other great ideas. kumbaya!
yes! whatever, and ifever Apple comes up with something soon, they need to re-invent universal standards for media. I think this is the biggest failure of Blu-ray. All these video Codec's you ahve to constantly update your device to play. Drives me crazy!!! Personally, i think the Google platform for this is very plausible in the fact that it is so open to all things, but that will be viable until universal standards come out. Plus, the ability to download movies and...
i have to admit, i haven't taken the iP4 plunge yet because of all these rumors, test reports, snarky SJ comments and rumor-mills out there...and becaue they haven't put the white phone for sale yet (that was the main reason). Plus, with the iOS4 update on my current iP-3G, i'm pretty content at the moment. I have to make a side note in all caps for a second. I HAVE NEVER HAD THIS HAND-POSITION/DEATH GRIP ISSUE WITH MY IPHONE 3G!!! SO I CALL FAUL TO APPLE FOR THIS...
New Posts  All Forums: