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For most users (even those who have the digital over-the-air converter boxes) TV UI's hardly get used at all, save for picture adjustments and switching sources from TV to DVD to Gaming. Most people have either a cable, SATV, Dish, or even Converter boxes that control the TV.
Point by point i agree with you. Apple couldn't possibly compete with the major TV manufacturers. Sure it would be a great way to get into the TV market, but if they are going for the biggest bang for the buck, selling millions of aTV's for $99 is way more favorable than selling a few 100k TV's for a huge price. Let's just speculate here that Apple would probably go for 2 models, a 46" and a 55" selling for an estimated $2399 and $3199. This is based on the fact that...
that's probably because MS has nothing in their arsenal to sell in a retail environment. They are a software company, save for the XBox, Zune and the up-comming wP7. When i first heard MS was trying to do an Apple Retail Copycat, i just I also think it might fall flat because MS has no clear direction other than OS' dev's and MS Office. It's kind of hard to window shop or kick the tires on MS Office unless they hold street-side demo's like the old tonic salesmen from...
Agreed, that is the real news here. I don't know squat about the benefits or pitfalls of franchise ownership vs. company owned dealers...my guess is that by allowing franchising, the company puts all it's financial concerns (start-up costs and anual up-keep costs) of dealer ownership in the hands of some salesman/owner that thinks he/she knows how to sell cars. Then the dealer calls the shots as far as how much to sell them for and competition. Like Best Buy Apple...
...and when they update the iOS for this functionality, as well as modifying the "Notes" tool to allow sketching/doodling/handwriting recognition (either with your finger or a stylus). I will be first in line to buy one. YES YES YES, AutoDesk (amongst others) "has an App for that" but i want more integration of native tools. This device should be a digital notepad, IMO
that's exactly it, Apple was following a natural progression of technology, they just happend to skip steps 4-9 on a 10-point process. Some call that a re-invention, other call it an evolution. I am the later.
my point is, there were iPod, iPad, iPhone - like products out there ALREADY! Granted they weren't succesful becuase they didn't know how to market and design them and back them with the quality/namesake that Apple has. we've had this discussion already years ago on the forums. Apple didn't do anything that hadn't already been done before. They just did it better and more compelling. here's a few examples. Online digital Music Store - IUMA (internet underground music...
please tell me you're joking, and that you've read all the last 30 or so posts on this forum before you decided to post this? (especially #46)
found the post. They did it once before (a $29 accessory, mind you), why not now... http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...hock_risk.html "No injuries have been reported by users affected by the failure, and the issue affects just a "very small" number of adapters, Apple claims." See? that so hard Apple?
read my last post, allegedly... As a note to the USB power adapter recall, there was nothign wrong with the one i had, i could have let it go, but since they were nice enough to provide a free replacement (as i noted the same cost as the bumpers) then i was obliged.
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