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SJ was asked this by some reporter from Europe, the answer is Yes, globally.
need physical proof of this...
i believe you are mistaken. At least the live-blog i read (http://www.macworld.com/article/1527...7/iphone4.html) mentioned that they would give customers a choice of cases, including the Apple bumpers, they just can't make enough of the bumpers to meet current demand. So, they are giving us a choice, wait for the bumpers or choose one of several 3rd party vendors."Second, a lot of people have told us, the bumper solves the signal strength problem. Why don't you just...
in the press conference, SJ said they will re-evaluate the situation at that date.
this Kumar guy (me thinks) is full of crap. me also thinks he's throwing darts based on stuff he over-hears and then spews out a bunch of crap in the hopes something sticks.
maybe the two of you should get rulers out and compare those measurements too! Seriously, can we have a vacation from writing the spec's of our penises, I mean, computers and hardware. Nobody cares how much stuff you own. and to call it out by name and specification is just plain smug!
I think it's really funny how everyone assumes that Apple will provide some kind of fix (i.e. refund, free-something-case, or total recall). Has anyone thought that perhaps this press conference will be just to answer allegations made against the iP4? Maybe Apple was doing testing of their own and want to show people factual information regarding the phone "issues". Now, I might be wrong about that, but IMO, i could easily see this conference become basically like a...
sniff your own farts, do you? What a dick thing to say about Omaha, not everyone can live in the smugness you call home. I'm in St. Louis, and there's constant lines at the Apple stores (we only have 2 in the metro area). Now that may not be Civilization to you Jason, but it's home to me. what a waste of your 2nd post on there.Actually, the last time we went for a service call for my girlfriend's MBP, we got there right at the appointment time, then had to wait almost...
really? it took 3 years to come up with a way to use the EXISTING User Interface of the iPod show up on the screen? BMW should fire their software engineers. I tested a Mini Cooper a few months ago (yes, they are made by BMW) and found the UI of the iPod Link cable to be deplorable!!!
that doesn't solve the problem. Imagine a couch, then putting your feet up and relaxing with a nice iPad in your lap. Then suddenly, you get an email. From your girlfriend wondering what you want to do this weekend...you want to reply but can't because you'd have to contort yourself into some crazy carpal-tunnel position to type. Oh, well, better get up and go into the office where you can type comfortably.
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