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I hear a lot of comparisons between the two (iPad and Kindle). They really aren't competing at much. The iBooks app on the iPad is really JUST another app on the device. It's a great App, there's no denying that. But, since the iPad is soo much more than an E-Reader, you really can't compare the two. If you want an E-Reader, the Kindle/Nook are the way to go. If you want more than that, get the iPad. It's a pretty simple choice, really. I know a few heavy readers...
I have the "dwell" magazine App and it still offers an annual subscription for $19.99 on top of per issue purchases of $3.99 per issue.
I've been saying ever since (and long before) the iBooks App was announced that Magazines and newpapers should be sold through the iBookstore. I think it's a waste of home-screen space, and completely redundant. I think the only reason why it's done this way is to eliminate the added cost of selling magazines through the iBookstore...that's my wild-ass guess, but i'm thinking Apple charges publishers a surcharge for every book they sell. that being said, i think Apple...
Does anyone know for sure this will work on a PC? I'm on Windows 7 and have not seen any driver update. And Apple's Trackpad website still reads:"Minimum Requirements:A Mac computer with Bluetooth wireless technologyMac OS X v10.6.4 or laterLatest Magic Trackpad software update"
had I not just purchased a computer 2 years ago that will last me probably another 3 years, then i would have jumped all over the new mac mini.
Agreed. I was so excited when i saw this leaked a few months ago, and i really want to buy one, but i'm still a lowly PC user and the website specifically states you must be running a Mac with OSX.
i agree with you 100%. However disappointed people may be that they haven't changed the form-factor of the case is sort of just looking at the Pro only on the surface. The simplicity of the design and how it functions is truly the brilliance of this design. everything is organized in such a way that even a monkey could swap out hard drives and memory modules. This was definitely thought of from the inside out and not the reverse. I only wish they had a mid-grade option...
yeah, i've read on many accounts that Steve hate's the stylus. And, it is a bit small for a Wacom Replacement, and artists and designers are a niche industry for Apple to develop a technology specifically for them...but there are other uses for a stylus that could be very handy, like handwriting and sketching for architects, engineers, graphic designers, students. A stylus would be very handy for making mark-ups in Acrobat and MS Word, etc...
Not everyone has an iPhone/Touch.
If they do release a new aTV with iOS4, it will be during the typical September iPod event. They seem to lump the aTV in with the iPods.
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