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I think you hit all the big cost-saving measures.  Display, Battery and Memory are usually the highest cost features.   Also, this might be a stretch but...since we've heard recently that Apple has sealed a deal with Taiwuan Semi, I think that will get us some cost-saving since Apple wouldn't have to rely on Samsung as much for the chips, and pay Samsung's Apple-tax to build them.  That same logic could also be adapted to Display Tech and other components that Apple...
Assuming all these rumors are true and the low-cost phone is this candy-shell thing. Yes, they will sell well if the price is right.   However, in the price range of the category of smartphone Apple would need to get into to make any kind of dent in market share...they won't go that low.  And I fear the stock price will probably drop again pretty big if that happens.   Now I could be wrong.  Looking at the iPod & iPod Mini and the Nano when it first came out...ended up...
it's interesting that the iPad doesn't seem to so any signs of a "tick-tock" form-factor or release schedule.  The initial form factor lasted a year, but he 2nd lasted for 3 generations.  I wonder if Apple is going with the Macbook method of design releases.  That would make a lot of sence since it is a premium product and it's not a subsidized product.  Sure, you geeks out there upgrade once every generation but most people will probably upgrade every 3rd or 4th.  I...
So AI, you have to document, what's the actual dimensions?  We know it's going to be thinner.  everyone keeps saying It will be narrower and shorter.  So, what's the document say?  These photos are too bury to see, do you have any better images?  We would put a lot of rumors to bed if we had that info.  You have the doc, what does it say?
I doubt that will ever happen. If things do get worse for Nintendo, we might see and exclusive partnership between the two. Kinds of like nintendo would be the only games allowed on the Apple TV natively. But even that's a stretch since apple loves their developers.
here, here!!! thanks, I was going to Google it when I had time.
you people are focused too much on the last line of the commercial.  There's nothing in that commercial that is about California at all   it's their signature people, not their motto.
All I have to say is watch the video at the opening of WWDC 2013.   "if everyone is busy making everything, how can anyone perfect anything? we start to confuse convenience with joy...abundance with choice. designing something takes focus..."   Apple already has the reputation.  Everyone is just waiting to see what they do next so they can copy it.  Looks to me the only people innovating is Apple.  You people are just too impatient to wait and see...and enjoy the great...
guess you missed my posts on page 3?
and the Mac Pro isn't fundamentally new? The iPad is a tablet computer, no?  those have been around for nearly 20 years. iPhone wasn't a new idea, just a better one.   All I'm saying is really let's have a recess from all this crap about Apple not doing anything new every time someone wants.   So who has produced anything radically and fundamentally new? OK, Google glass?  Self-driving cars?  sure those are new but also really freakin' scary too.  Is that what you want?
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