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The all being said, the question remains. Who the heck is the 5c for then? The Chinese, Indo and Brazil have 4 options. Wanna guess which two will be the most bought? The price conscious will get the iPhone 4 and the status conscious will go for the 5s. So what's the middle tier for then? The maybe 25% that want a little better? Maybe, but to me, there's too many options. Perhaps those markets need that many options, but to a company like Apple that thrives on good,...
Totally agree with you. Personally I think they waited about a year or two too late. In the last year of regular travel to China, I've noticed over the last 12 months that the Chinese have lost interest in the iPhone. Sure my data point is observations in public or on the subways, but those are some crowded subways and before the iPhone 5 I saw a ton of iPhones, after the iPhone 5, I see far far fewer. Much more 5"+ screen now. So in order to not loose anymore market...
Ihave a really great, snug fitting speck case (pixel case) and i periodically have to clean my iP4 because of all the dust and what nots that get trapped. And the only holes are around the camera, dock connector and mute switch. Otherwise it's pretty seamless. So to me these apple cases are going to be vacuum cleaners for dust/dirt. I also have a silicon case (and a speck rubber) for my iPod classic and both are so freakin grippy, once I actually get it in my pocket...
Yet they broadcast it on ATV a few hours later, un edited?
there are deals that had to be made to even get the iPhone or any other apple products for sale in china. From my experiences over there, it seems the Gov'nt wants to keep Chinese money in the country. So they hike up prices there to keep some of that profit and money in the country.
Re: my post http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/159466/first-look-apples-new-iphone-5s-and-5c#post_2393727 in this forum.
 I don't think Apple is doomed, I just think they missed the mark on this event in many ways.  I'm ready to upgrade my iPhone 4, but i'm neither of these phones are too exciting for my wants/needs.  But i have to go Apple since I'm locked into their ecosystem.  So it has to be Apple, and I'm ready now for an upgrade, but none of the options presented are all that exciting. I need an off-contract phone that I can use in the US and China.  I currently carry 2 phones, an iPod...
 the begining of the presentation was all about live streaming events, yet they didn't live stream this one?  Ironic, or just stupid?
 couldn't agree with you more...100%
 I think that is EXACTLY what Apple is hoping you'd say.  However, considering they are not taking pre-orders on the 5S, this logic of Apple's makes no sense.  There was a study about the Chinese market and what the "Sweet Spot" is for pricing.  It was around $487. So naturally Apple decided their device is worth more profit than that.
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