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Never said or suggested it would be. What I was suggesting was that I think really the mistake in not taking an acquisition of a company like WAZE more seriously is for marketing and user-base more than technology acquisition. Google made a great purchase only for the sole purpose of acquiring a user-base was once was solely on iOS. Now they have all new customers hat could potentially switch o android, should WAZE be totally absorbed into google maps...which, lets face...
I'm going to say it like the rest.  Apple's putting all their chips in the hardware basket and none in the services basket. Sure they bought a chip manufacturer but skimped on services like WAZE and Dropbox.  Of course Dropbox asked for an 8-figure sum, but if you ask me it would've been money well spent.  Once again Apple demonstrates that they care more about hardware than services.   Yes, they should've bought WAZE but I agree that would not have solved the...
That's a sure way to eliminate the competition of pre-paid carriers, just buy them out.  I only see this as bad for the consumer. Sad.
Uh, I've had the same rate ATT plan on my iPhone since my first iPhone 3G in 2008.  You know, the unlimited Data Plan one for about $85/mo.?  And right now i'm off contract.  My better half has the original iPhone Gen 1 plan and she was able to grandfather in her voice plan from her previous Razor phone.  She only pays around $65/mo. and we're both on iPhone 4's now and off contract.  Our next phones will probably be off contract purchases too.  I think the only thing she...
I would like a direct link or sited quotation to that theory. I am a designer and have never heard such a thing. Even trying to remember back to color theory courses. Regardless, I still hold this as a matter of opinion.
Yes, and I don't like them.
that's a matter of personal preference I guess.
yeah, they kind of remind me of late 1980's Swatches. Now I can dust off my old '89 Swatch! 
I can see the iPhone and iPhone Pro argument. I think he's referring to the polycarbonate Macbook.  That would actually be cool if even the front bezel was plastic.
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