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that price was over inflated to begin with.  it's the bandwagon going again.  Things were going too fast.  It was a bubble.  Get over it and accept your losses.
Uh, no.  It's because Apple isn't bending to Wall Street or any of the bandwagoneers trying to tell when what to do. I could care less what the stock prices are now.  as long as Apple has money and makes great products, i'm happy.   You people need to seriously wake up and realize you were spoiled over the last 6 years of iOS.  things changed so rapidly because Jobs had to get the greater portion of his roadmap established before he was gone.  If you read the Bio and can...
so are you saying that you're not proud of what you do, or where you live?  see my previous posts in this forum for more rebuttals.
and why do you think Apple needs to be urgent about anything? No need to state your credentials, it's in your tag line at the bottom.  And it doesn't show you're any more of a devoted fan than a stock broker looking for a quick turning profit.
you have a point, but how much more boring and smug looking would your suggestion be?
I tend to agree.  In my last post I did praise this ad and still do.  But I neglected to mention that the "in California" thing is a bit silly. But...I think it would be even more silly to not put something there.  They should be proud to have design all this stuff.  Very few companies do put that much pride into their work, or even recognize talent and the people who created it.  The fact that they reside in California is a little bit unfortunate.  And that's mainly...
Edit: Yes, "Think Different" was a great poetic gesture.  But that message served a very different purpose.  It was to announce to the world that Apple is back and they're here to stay.  This new campaign's message is not about being the rising phoenix.  It's about Apple's message from the very beginning.  it's the Mission statement.  I think now is the best time to remind people why Apple does what they do.   I think that's the difference between the way Cook runs things...
I personally know someone who has worked for BN for over 10 years and is the go-to person for Nook support. She has taken training courses on nook support and owns several herself. Now this may be due to the fact that her store is the cash cow of my metro area, but I just can't back our argument about poor support, quite the opposite.
I guess you forget about the reader feature in safari? I use it whenever I get to. By far portrait is way better for reading.
Me too I don't know anyone who regularly holds their iPad in landscape mode. I hold mine like a magazine using the Smart Cover as a handle to grip it and it resting on my leg or the couch cushion.Websites, email, most games I play...just about everything I use my iPad for (save for FaceTime) is better in portrait mode.Really FaceTime and messaging are the only two things I use landscape for. But even then I'm typing right now in portrait.
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