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Uh, I've had the same rate ATT plan on my iPhone since my first iPhone 3G in 2008.  You know, the unlimited Data Plan one for about $85/mo.?  And right now i'm off contract.  My better half has the original iPhone Gen 1 plan and she was able to grandfather in her voice plan from her previous Razor phone.  She only pays around $65/mo. and we're both on iPhone 4's now and off contract.  Our next phones will probably be off contract purchases too.  I think the only thing she...
I would like a direct link or sited quotation to that theory. I am a designer and have never heard such a thing. Even trying to remember back to color theory courses. Regardless, I still hold this as a matter of opinion.
Yes, and I don't like them.
that's a matter of personal preference I guess.
yeah, they kind of remind me of late 1980's Swatches. Now I can dust off my old '89 Swatch! 
I can see the iPhone and iPhone Pro argument. I think he's referring to the polycarbonate Macbook.  That would actually be cool if even the front bezel was plastic.
Apple didn't think so.   iPhone 3G & 3GS Current budget iPod Touch   Sure, White bezel on white body would look better, but in many opinions the black bezel on colored (including silver) bodies just looks better.
When has Apple ever done something like this? That makes absolutely no sense from a budgetary, manufacturing and cost-effectiveness POV.  Especially if this iPhone is supposed to be a low-cost or budget model.   Yes, we've seen the Auto industry does this, but now they even realize how much more money that costs.  Ford is going back to the "world-car" model rather than catering to the EU, Asian and others markets.  Now, the Ford Focus is the same in any country, save for...
Ugh!!!  Please get rid of those damn White Bezels!  I know it will make me and John Siracusa happier.
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