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I'd say the most promising thing to come from this is the fact that Apple is in fact addressing that the iWork suite needs to be addressed, with regards to market saturation and actually updating the apps.
totally different situation there.  They created PC versions, not a website App.  Point is moot.  Had you quoted the first part of my post you'd see I address that situation in my response.
forgive me for not mentioning India, yes...absolutely correct there!  The iPhone 5C will be huge there too...At least Apple can hope.  I guess we will find out after 3rd and 4th quarter numbers are in.  The true test for Apple in those markets will be how they react to price.  Since most non-western countries don't do subsidized plans, pricing options will be crucial to the 5C success.  I still think $399 is a really tough price even in those markets.  However, when I'm in...
I understand your dilemma, I'm assuming you've also tried a twitter or facebook method for promotions?  those seem to work fairly well from my experience.  But I agree, this might be a nicer alternative but it does limit your audience to Mac/Safari users.  not that that's a small audience.
Read this article and still don't know what this notification thing is supposed to accomplish or what current issue it's trying to address.  If it is Apple's solution to the RSS problem, I'd say: "try again Apple".  Maybe once I actually try it out i'll think otherwise.  So far, Feedly works well enough but I wish it would address posting comments on Blogs or pages that include reader comments.
Have you seen the Hobbit movie?  Have you watched an HD News Broadcast?  Honestly, the only real benefit you will get from anything 4K will be for sports.  everything else...HD had made it worse IMO.  When you can see the piss-poor make-up jobs on anything higher than 1080p (since Movies in iMax and greater than 24fps look terrible IMO) there's really no great benefit to seeing something in 4k.  Not to mention even restores of old movies from negatives won't even come...
You have no idea how important it is for Apple to thrive in China. China mobile has the largest subscription-base of any carrier, world-wide. To get even double digit % in that consumer-base is bigger than 100% of any one global carrier. This is huge!
iPhone 5c means China? No...un Apple like and the leaked instruction manuals where in Dutch I think. I think it's really obvious it's a China Mobile announcement and its a really huge thing for both apple and CM. the Chinese like in-person communication over informal announcements. This is really more for the Chinese to see how dedicated apple is to succeeding there and respecting their culture.
Mike wiMike Wizowski!!!
What's been troubling me lately is the redundancy with the stock apple apps.  I kind of get that they have designed the stock Apple-related Apps so you don't need to sync your computer to it...but let's face it.  If you own an ATV, you probably have an iTunes account and probably have a pc or mac that you sync to it.  So to have a podcasts, Music, movies, tv shows, etc. all as separate apps, then have the "Computers" app that has the exact same things, minus the iTunes...
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