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I'm actually very shocked that it's as App rich as it is.  I don't know who copied who, but its seems like Apple wasn't thinking outside the boundaries of the term "Watch" when they designed this.  The first thing they talked about was how accurate it tells the time.  That's not innovation.  that's not a personal experience.  There are a billion other devices out there that do this.  All the other apps?  I find the interface confusing.  the pressure taps vs. the regular...
and there's your $1000 Apple Watch rumor.
I'd imagine if it can control apps on your mac and (as Tim said, his  Apple TV), then there must be some sort of independent element about the device.  I think it's telling that they did not give you much about the specs.  No storage options?  so you can only control things like a remote, not store music or playlists.  So if i want to go out for a run or cycling and want to listen to a podcast or music, I still have to bring a device I can stream from.  I don't see a...
I won't be surprised if this iWearable is just a wrist-worth device.  However, I would imagine it to be more useful to a larger array of lifestyles if it weren't confined to a wrist strap and had the ability to be clipped onto you clothes or worn as a dongle either around your neck on a laniard or from your belt loop.  It's never going to be an aesthetic that's universally appareling for all aspects of life.  To be truly useful in every situation, the option to partially...
Apparently you don't listen to the Accidental Tech Podcast. One of Apple's harshest critics and fans, John Siracusa, had coined the trashcan Mac Pro after it's unveiling. I think it's more a term of endearment really. And yes it does really look like a trash can.
AgreedAnd the camera that concentrically centered with the corner was so perfect on the earlier designs. I guess that got thrown out after the 3GS.
i will clarify by saying something (speculatively) that must be worn on my wrist is a thing of the past for me, regardless of its function.  I am not alone and fully understand that many people have no qualm with wrist worn devices...be it as simple as an analog timepiece or a pebble.
too many people trying so hard to create absolutes out of subjectivity.  Just because a generality about the aesthetics of the iPhone 4 appear to be unanimous doesn't me it is.
see my last reply.  I'd rather a wearable just disappear than have to attach it to my body, my skin.  Do you really think a consumer grade product is going to be able to give reliable and accurate biometric data that doctors can actually use?
prepare yourself for disappointment come Tuesday. personally, i don't think something i wear on my wrist as a revolutionary, life-changing device.  I stopped wearing watches 15 years ago  and unless it can read my thoughts, then it's not going to change my life.
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