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They released the iPod Touch with a protruding lens.  I hate that too.  so basically apple is telling us now we have to use a case if we want our phone or iPod to sit flat on the table.  or face down which i'll never do without a case.  I hate cases about as much as i hate a "bra" for a car.
nope, i still hated the look of the 4, I waited quite a while to get one, and hated having to use a case.  in my mind i would get paranoid about the glass cracking if i set it down or dropped it.  I had seen so many of my friends that had crack screens or backs.  Plus the sharper edges i never got used to after owning the 3g & 3gs for so long.
Ug-ly.  Don't like the bands, don't like the size, don't like the protruding camera.  I won't be getting this.  I've had an iPhone in my house since Gen-1...i have had every model of iPhone (except for the 4s and 5)...and i honestly think that if they drop the "small" iPhone, i'm done.  I wasn't even crazy about the 4" screen but i have one, and it frustrates me every time i have to tap the top of the screen (reach issues).
that is a possibility.  the iPod line has not been updated in nearly 2 years...except for minor things. If memory serves, Gruber himself did speculate that he could definitely see the iPod product line morph into a wearable product.  it's already happened with the 5th Gen iPod nano, before the silly iOS-like thing we have now.  why not make it the Nano but even more nano...nano nano.
deleted, i mispoke.
He specifically said "wearable thing"  you can't wear software unless it's within a piece of hardware.
That's not really Apple's fault, content-wise. It has everything to do with the agreement between Apple and the content providers. If the providers (big media) doesn't want to offer content outside of the USA then they won't allow it. And the ATV isn't the only STB that is in this boat.As for App Store..,I hear ya. However if an App Store is in the works, what would you suggest it carry? And how do you do the UI for apps? You can Airplay you iOS device to the ATV and...
One of the many who agree with you. The computers app is redundant. It *should be* like any other Apple iOS device. You put in your Apple ID and it syncs all your data on your Mac. Photos, podcasts, TV shows, movies, music should all be an extension of your Mac or Apple ID account. Not to mention the nam "computers" suggestion you could have multiple computers connected and searchable simultaneously. Bit no, it doesn't. You have to sign out of one and sign in with...
There is a way.:http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3176What I wish is for the remote to control volume and TV input..
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