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The headline is changed.  Happy?Really I can see a very practical use for Apple to have a dedicated Maps website here, maybe Apple doesn't see it but I do and many others like me.  Lots of people work in offices that use PCs.  For many PC users, Chrome is the best browser for the Windows platform.  Regardless of browser though a dedicated URL for Apple Maps is a sure-fire way to get more crowdsourced data and another way to get more Non-Apple Users into their platform.
agreed, but there is a case to be made for the 5.5" screen.  Perhaps not that big a demand in the US or other "western" markets, but in the "East" where the phone is most people's ONLY computing device, bigger the better.  Not to mention people who want the biggest screen on a phone possible due to vision and/or accessibility issues.
Still no rumors if they will keep the 4" design. I'm guessing they will keep the 5s and 5c designs as previous models at a slightly lower price-point, but i'd love to see the iPhone go all-new with 3 sizes: small~3.5" Medium~4.7" Large~5.5" Personally, i found the 4" design too much of a compromise for single-handed use.  3.5" was the best (imo).  Of course everyone has different hand sizes and opinions...this is mine.  I could never comfortably reach the top-row...
my guess would be they go to something more like the look of the iPod Touch rear "windows".  More like Pill-shaped windows than what the 5s and 5 looked like...but one on the top and bottom for the different antennas.
There are too many "wait and see's" at this point. From what I saw of the keynote, one thing might be something to be mindful of, and that's AndroidOne. IF this is a smash hit strategy, IF...then Apple has most certainly lost any momentum they might have in developing nations. Something they desperately need to take command over in the coming years. IF this *open-source* hardware spec is fast and powerful and IF the android OS is optimized to these specs, IMO Apple has...
Still won't wear a watch or any wrist strapped device. If I can clip it on someplace, great. Otherwise I won't wear it. I'm hoping this device is more like the 5th gen iPod nano that has a clip but could be used as a watch. To me that tackles a much broader user-base.
ha ha, funny little ignorant man you ware.
I'm late to this thread but I'll throw my 2 cents in. just on the surface...seeing the keynote and not trying the beta yet, I have to say i think they didn't take it far enough. There are many visual changes that i welcome but I feel like they could have taken it much further.  Plus, there are changes that I don't think I like as much. In general I like that it's going back to the one-UI look between iOS and OS X.  It makes a lot of sense.  It's a good start but they...
I think you should have done a strike-through on Apple instead.  Since Google's Translation tech is far superior to anything else i've tried.Apple has shown zero interest in translation software.  Which is sad since if you want to change the world this would be a great way to do it.  Build it into your web browser, email client, iMessage.  Google's is by far not perfect but it's better than anything else i've seen and they integrate it into many of their core services....
Semantics, I think on the larger screens, single handed use will not be a feature should they have a smaller screen available.
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