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Still won't wear a watch or any wrist strapped device. If I can clip it on someplace, great. Otherwise I won't wear it. I'm hoping this device is more like the 5th gen iPod nano that has a clip but could be used as a watch. To me that tackles a much broader user-base.
ha ha, funny little ignorant man you ware.
I'm late to this thread but I'll throw my 2 cents in. just on the surface...seeing the keynote and not trying the beta yet, I have to say i think they didn't take it far enough. There are many visual changes that i welcome but I feel like they could have taken it much further.  Plus, there are changes that I don't think I like as much. In general I like that it's going back to the one-UI look between iOS and OS X.  It makes a lot of sense.  It's a good start but they...
I think you should have done a strike-through on Apple instead.  Since Google's Translation tech is far superior to anything else i've tried.Apple has shown zero interest in translation software.  Which is sad since if you want to change the world this would be a great way to do it.  Build it into your web browser, email client, iMessage.  Google's is by far not perfect but it's better than anything else i've seen and they integrate it into many of their core services....
Semantics, I think on the larger screens, single handed use will not be a feature should they have a smaller screen available.
While holding my 5s with the bottom right corner centered in my palm, I cannot reach the top row of icons without changing my grip on the device. And that has caused me to shuffle the phone or loose solid hold of the decive in one hand. On the iPhone 4, 3G or any prior design from the 4" 16:9 screen...it was not a problem.It's the aspect ratio (you pointed out earlier) thst is the issue. It's not horrible but it is a compromise Apple made to functionality for a slightly...
So basically you don't have a legitimate reason other than the bottom line.  that's completely the opposite of how apple works.  They look for a need and a solution to that need first...then enter the market at a competitive level. Lot's of how Apple prices things are in a way self-inflicted.  Like the $100 up-charges for storage on the iPad for example.
Again (thinking back to my original post) I ask you...Why?  why does this netbook/ios/osx laptop do that the Macbook Air does not?  Is it really price?  Then if Apple does this, it will be underpowered for most people who want such a thing and will complain.  What do you really want in a mobile computing experience and what is wrong with the current line-up?  is it really price?  is it that you want a device that runs iOS and OSX together?  Why?  why is that so important?...
I am not blaming apple for anything.  might not want to put words in my mouth and re-read what i've said.  I blame the content owners should anything of what i've state comes to pass.
i know the talks have been on-going but i haven't heard if there was a buy-out or merger or not...yet.
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