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who said Apple would do this.  All we know is they are experimenting with screens larger than 4".  To think Apple would release a series of phones with the screen sizes you refer to is just ignorant.
OK, you'll have to read my last post to get what i'm about to say.ergonomic reasons go out the door when it's the iPod Touch.  The Touch doesn't need to be a single-handed operating device.  So to add to my last post, If they tested the size on the iPod Touch for a year just to see how it sold.  Then they could even offer LTE as an option.  Totally runaway success, IMO.
What I don't understand about Apple?  Why they haven't tested this on another device yet?  I mean, it's staring you right in the face and they don't even regard it.  The iPod Touch?  For how long have we all heard that the touch is the #1 handheld gaming device?  To me, that would be the perfect test bed for a 5"-6" screen.  I know there are issues with pixels per inch.  but at this piont, we've all seen the calculations about how to do it.  Take the Retina iPad and cut...
 That's funny, in the nearly 6 years i've been an iPhone owner, I can't think of a single time ive watched a TV show or movie.  Maybe a YouTube video but I can't remember when that was, probably sometime before Apple ditched the standard App.  However, I will say, in China, they do watch a LOT of TV and video on their phones.
 I can't say price, but I can tell you when i'm in Beijing (which is about 4-5 months of the year for the last 3 years) I have seen a pretty sharp decline in iPhones over the past year.  They aren't impressed with the iPhone 5 and are going to bigger screens very rapidly.  When I take the Subways, I see lots of older iPhones and a lot of new big-screen phones.  Mainly Samsungs (Galaxy S4 or similar, and Notes).  I also see a lot of Sony phones and Nokia Lumias.  Also...
Wrong, try again.iCloud.com is not a PC version of iCloud. I cannot access iTunes, the iTunes or App Store. I cannot access any of my email, messages, etc. that aren't just my iCloud emails ( which I never use). To me, this iCloud.com should just be a web iOS emulator, but it isn't. It's a pointless website that I've never had a need for. If I can get to the Internet I usually have a phone on me. So it's all pointless.
Agreed. However, if the iPhone 5C is just the iPhone 5 with a cheaper case and other minor tweaks, really, what's the point of even keeping the 5 around. To me it just creates more options and is a much more confusing line-up for the iPhone. Personally I'd rather se just the two new models and that be it. The 3-tier system worked in the past because they were all significantly different. We will have to wait and see ow different the ip5c will be to the 5 but just...
Until they introduce a 128gb model, I still have a need to carry my iPod classic. But until they start lowering prices on flash (meaning Apple, not In general). I will be purchasing lower capacity models. So I'm stuck wi two devices. The iPhone is just too expensive for my tastes (off contract). And I need an off contract phone to use in china. Currently I have two iPhones for that, but carrying those both with me and a my classic, and my MBP and my iPad is getting a...
I'd say the most promising thing to come from this is the fact that Apple is in fact addressing that the iWork suite needs to be addressed, with regards to market saturation and actually updating the apps.
totally different situation there.  They created PC versions, not a website App.  Point is moot.  Had you quoted the first part of my post you'd see I address that situation in my response.
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