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you know why that is right?  MS Office for Mac is not available for purchase on the Mac App Store.
I couldn't have said it better myself.  I usually can't, but I've said this before.  If Apple want's the Notes or Pages app to replace the paper notepad and pen, they're going to have to make the iPad function like one.  Being a Architect, we use notepad to sketch, take notes, annotate, etc. during meetings.  What a joy this would be if the Notes app could doodle, transcribe handwriting and be a little bit more free-form when it comes to taking notes.  Just think of all...
They haven't seen these leaks then.  I posted these a couple days ago. http://www.ctocio.com.cn/cloud/316/12690816.shtml        
What I'd like to see is the 4, 4s and 5 go away and the line-up exist as 2 devices.  The Premium tier (5S) and the standard (5C), much like the old plastic Macbook and the Macbook Pro.  Judging by the user approval ratings on the Chinese rumor sites of the 5S and the 5C, Apple's not winning over anyone unless the screen is 5" or greater.  Apple needs to do something bigger than just offer a slightly cheaper version and premium at 4".  I know it would be nice for me to...
Uh, they sell the 4, 4S, and iPhone 5 in China.  I believe AI even posts when they go on sale here.
In many countries, Gold is the ultimate symbol of success, wealth and power.  India, China/East Asia, Africa, the middle east.  You name it...an those are the customers Apple desperately needs to buy their phones now.  Apple really doesn't give a snit what the Western World does now because the market in that part of the world is already written in history.  Those who have the iPhone will probably continue to buy, and those that don't, won't.  It's a flat market in the...
I saw this on a Chinese rumor site...or so i think it is.  Since I use Safari and Apple is not up with the times and translation tools like Chrome. notice the logo and boilerplate stuff is printed on the back.  
colorway is a term used in many design industries.  Architecture and Interior design for instance.  It refers to a particular color in a series provided from a manufacturer of just about anything in the related fields (i.e. fabrics, paint, tile, etc.)  It may not be a word in the dictionary, but it does exist in common speak.  Don't even get me started on the way the IT industry has mercilessly hijacked the age-old profession of "Architect".  And when they subsequently...
for what it's worth:   http://iphone.91.com/news/jrrd/130815/21598865.html http://www.ctocio.com.cn/cloud/316/12690816.shtml http://tech.ifeng.com/digi/mobile/new/detail_2013_08/15/28653007_1.shtml   Not sure if these links will work, since i'm sitting in my hotel room in Beijing searching the Chinese news tech rumor mills.   Oh, here's some shots if the links don't work:        
Maybe I can't remember from past articles, but...Does anyone know if this "Campus 2" will be a replacement for the original campus or just a 2nd Campus?
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