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you (and all the readers here) have to understand that you are about 1/2 of 1% of the target market Apple TV is focused on. aTV is not meant for people like you, you will find a better solution for anything any company puts out. So your opinion is appreciated, but really minimal at best.
This might be rather simple to remember, but it completely goes against SJ's ideals about the UI. You (and I'm paraphrasing here) "already know how to use it". It should be that simple.
i'm very surprised that nobody on this forum has mentioned (what many have said on past forums)...with the new Nano (including shuffle-like clip) is there a need for the shuffle anymore? Well, one could say for working out. The physical buttons do lend themselves pretty naturally to physical button. After seeing how the new NAno works...let me be the first to say that i might have underestimated the simplicity of the Nano UI. I still think the shuffle will be ideal for...
This post answers the question as to why you have an "obtuse" amount of posts on this forum.you're one slick cat when it comes to posting. you're always making every conversation out as if you were the originator of the idea, way to go. Thanks for entering my ignore list.
Ridiculousness...with this kind of BS rationale, one could argue that my iPhone 3GS is not EXACTLY the same as your iPhone 3GS just because i have different apps for mine than yours. Total semantics and a pointless argument. You'd be a fool to think anyone really gives a crap about what you call minor differences when making the comparison. When it all boils down to it, they are the same devices. I would even go as far to say that the iPhone is the same device as the...
Now you're just arguing for the sake of doing so...you just want to see yourself talk. Most of what you're saying here is semantics. No, the Apple TV is not the exact same as the iPad or the touch, no touch screen and not portable, which would indicate a drastic difference in the user experience and interface. Do both the touch and the iPad use iOS? Yes. Do they both have a touch screen? Yes. Are they both portable devices? Yes. Do they both have the same features...
Dude, that's a pretty lame argument...do all the UI enhancements change your over-all experience of each device, perhaps (i'd say no)...but is it enough to call them completely different devices? Absolutely NO. They are the same device. That screen shot you posted demonstrates exactly why I hate the safari browser on the iPad. They moved all the hot buttons that were at the bottom of the screen (in easy reach of your thumbs) and placed them at the top, where your hands...
you obviously don't understand. Now with the iOS in both the iPad and iPod Touch, they are the EXACT SAME device, except for screen size.
ok, how do you get to a menu...tap four times, up up down down left right left right tap? ANNOYING!
personally, i see that as annoying, not innovative. Apple may think this is the next generation, but I just see it as messing with a good thing. Look what happened to the shuffle. They should have stopped with Gen 2 (IMO the best shuffle they made). I'd better by another Classic before they discontinue them.
New Posts  All Forums: