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I was thinking the same thing. Sure eliminating the current iPod Touch would be null, but a slightly bigger would could have some market appeal. I have the iPhone and i don't use it as a home (couch-potato) device, it works in a pinch. A 5" screen could be tempting for some. The forums here would agree with you too, historically speaking.
the kindle is doing well because it's about 1/3 the cost of the iPad and it's marketed properly to the right people. It's truly meant to only read books, listen to audio and very light internet/email. It's not a very good comparison.
that's because you don't have to hold and type with your lap-top in your hands for an given period of time...your argument is mute.
my hope would be that the next iPad (9.7" model) will start at a lower price. I agree, however i haven't seen data to back it up, that price is a big barrier. For me, weight, price and the inability to comfortably use the device hands-free in my lap are the biggest barriers for purchasing. if they made a 7" iPad that complied with all these, I still don't think i'd purchase one. 9.7" is just about as small as i'd go on screen size, unless i'm only looking to read...
i'd rather see a lighter weight 9.7" iPad instead of a smaller screen. After experiencing the iPad, I found that it's still too heavy to use for longer than 1 hour of continuous use. my household just purchased a Nook and I'd have to say it's lighter weight is a huge plus, if you just compare the weight only.
I'd like to second that, except i mentioned this in an earlier post on this thread...when is the public library going to chime into this technology? A partnership with Amazon, or Apple or B&N with a monthly subscription (minimal at best) would more than pay for itself for a library. The only problem I see with it is that Libraries are public institutions and the national library network is pretty poor. I think that's because they are a non-profit and funding is very...
I hear a lot of comparisons between the two (iPad and Kindle). They really aren't competing at much. The iBooks app on the iPad is really JUST another app on the device. It's a great App, there's no denying that. But, since the iPad is soo much more than an E-Reader, you really can't compare the two. If you want an E-Reader, the Kindle/Nook are the way to go. If you want more than that, get the iPad. It's a pretty simple choice, really. I know a few heavy readers...
I have the "dwell" magazine App and it still offers an annual subscription for $19.99 on top of per issue purchases of $3.99 per issue.
I've been saying ever since (and long before) the iBooks App was announced that Magazines and newpapers should be sold through the iBookstore. I think it's a waste of home-screen space, and completely redundant. I think the only reason why it's done this way is to eliminate the added cost of selling magazines through the iBookstore...that's my wild-ass guess, but i'm thinking Apple charges publishers a surcharge for every book they sell. that being said, i think Apple...
Does anyone know for sure this will work on a PC? I'm on Windows 7 and have not seen any driver update. And Apple's Trackpad website still reads:"Minimum Requirements:A Mac computer with Bluetooth wireless technologyMac OS X v10.6.4 or laterLatest Magic Trackpad software update"
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