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IMHO, components are what's killing the idea of the Holy Grail as you describe it. They're tried over the years (with various degrees of success) to minimize the amount of components, but there is no one solution as you have noted. Just think about all the (eye-sore) components you own in your living room: TVDVD/BDCable BoxXbox/PS2-3/WiiTuner/Pre-amp/HTiBSpeakersnow ATV/Roku/HTPCNot to mention remotes for all these...unless you buy into one of those crappy universal...
I tend to agree with you. Xbox has been able to stream content for some time now, yet when Apple releases a new ATV and the new iPhone, it's decided now Apple is the winner in the living room? I know about 20x more people who own an Xbox over the ATV. Pa-leez! If you just look at the eco-systems, Apple may have an advantage, but as far as popularity goes, MS has won that one with the XBox. All they really need to do is allow Apps, which it kind of does already, and...
I don't think Facetime will make it to the iPad Pre-2011. It's very un-Apple, not to mention how many early adopters will be pissed off, and the many that have no problem pitching the old iPad for the new one, just wasteful, but it happens. They may add FT to iPad 2.0 but not a 1.5. Personally, I think before I invest in the iPad, they will need to add a better display, given that the retina display on the iPhone/touch is so much better. I also think the real story...
I'd love to think that, but i still get these people how insist on emailing through facebook instead of just emailing me directly; and my friends and I are middle aged people (35-50); just plain annoying. Facetime for Mac (hopefully) should be integrated (or replace) the current chat OSX already has. That would make things smoother. I still don't understand why the current chat program for OSX isn't part of the standard Apps for the iPhone/touch...would make a heck of a...
I feel that pain, thank goodness it's been addressed. Sucks on the no-HDR front. I use my iPhone camera more than my 7mpx Nikon now-a-days, it takes way better photos indoors.
Anyone know if the HDR works on the 3G? I'm downloading/installing it now, just wondering if anyone knows off-the-cuff.
Although when they take away 1/2 the features, one would think that price-point would go down too. But that's not Apple's way. If they call it the iPod Nano, it will be set at the pre-established price of the Nano; which i think is BS.
When I heard the rumors, I was skeptical. Then I saw the product, and I was impressed. That said, I still hold that the current Nano should really replace the Shuffle as the budget player, and bring back the 5th Nano, but add a still camera, wifi access to iTunes and Calendar sync and leave it be. There are uses for the touch screen but there are also uses for the wheel as well. Going completely touch in the ipod line (IMO) would be a mistake.
I just have to laugh; too funny. Welcome to social media Apple!
If i'm going to watch TV, i want all my TV stuff in one convenient place, not strewn about in separate Apps., no thank you.
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