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Although when they take away 1/2 the features, one would think that price-point would go down too. But that's not Apple's way. If they call it the iPod Nano, it will be set at the pre-established price of the Nano; which i think is BS.
When I heard the rumors, I was skeptical. Then I saw the product, and I was impressed. That said, I still hold that the current Nano should really replace the Shuffle as the budget player, and bring back the 5th Nano, but add a still camera, wifi access to iTunes and Calendar sync and leave it be. There are uses for the touch screen but there are also uses for the wheel as well. Going completely touch in the ipod line (IMO) would be a mistake.
I just have to laugh; too funny. Welcome to social media Apple!
If i'm going to watch TV, i want all my TV stuff in one convenient place, not strewn about in separate Apps., no thank you.
I have netflix and it has been the best subscription I've ever owned. The catalog of titles is what Blockbuster should have been by now. NF has just about any Movie, TV show you can imagine. We've rented BBC TV shows (every season in their entirety) from the 1960's and '70s. Obscure documentaries about Wizard Rock and Renown Architects from Basel Switzerland and many other standard titles. $8.99 gets you 3 rentals a month one disc at a time. Streaming is extra. We...
Personally, I think this device is pretty nice (now). For me, I was waiting on a device that could play my Netflix and access my home computer/iTunes. It does that now in spades and i'm finally going to get one. One feature people seem to glaze over is the "Computers" tab. It will recognize any device in your home network. That is really amazing! I think that feature alone is far more telling about the future of Apple TV. A couple things would make this even better....
ugh, too many apps, should be integrated to a guide-like UI
I'm really getting tired of hearing this solution. ripping is a pain in the butt. No average person will sit there and rip blu-rays and Dvds through some 3rd party software and throw away the box.I don't expect apple to do it, but i've been saying for years that forcing people to re-purchase (or now convinced to rent, over and over again) media we already own every time a format change occurs should be considered a crime. Sure we're stupid enough to re-buy all our...
you (and all the readers here) have to understand that you are about 1/2 of 1% of the target market Apple TV is focused on. aTV is not meant for people like you, you will find a better solution for anything any company puts out. So your opinion is appreciated, but really minimal at best.
This might be rather simple to remember, but it completely goes against SJ's ideals about the UI. You (and I'm paraphrasing here) "already know how to use it". It should be that simple.
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