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Dude, that's a pretty lame argument...do all the UI enhancements change your over-all experience of each device, perhaps (i'd say no)...but is it enough to call them completely different devices? Absolutely NO. They are the same device. That screen shot you posted demonstrates exactly why I hate the safari browser on the iPad. They moved all the hot buttons that were at the bottom of the screen (in easy reach of your thumbs) and placed them at the top, where your hands...
you obviously don't understand. Now with the iOS in both the iPad and iPod Touch, they are the EXACT SAME device, except for screen size.
ok, how do you get to a menu...tap four times, up up down down left right left right tap? ANNOYING!
personally, i see that as annoying, not innovative. Apple may think this is the next generation, but I just see it as messing with a good thing. Look what happened to the shuffle. They should have stopped with Gen 2 (IMO the best shuffle they made). I'd better by another Classic before they discontinue them.
making a 3x3 iPod nano touch goes against the notion of using it for working out. Eyes-free function goes out the door and totally useless when you're working out. I can see how the UI might work and be an easy transition for people, but think about how you use it first. when you're working out (jogging lifting or god forbid biking) or driving in the car, you don't want to have to look down at the device to change the song or scroll through menus. I have a 60 Gb...
that is a fair point...but may i also point out that many Enterprises create apps for their mobile devices (as well as pc's) and having a closed platform like iOS is limiting.
not every owner of the Apple TV or rumored iTV owns an iPod touch, iPad or iPhone. trackpad is more likely, or just a better remote. I've read the rumors of a Wii-style remote, but that requires all those sensors and ugly wires that SJ hates!
my guess would be that the iProd(uct) 2,1 will be either the iPad gen2 or another form factor (we did have rumors of an in-between 6" iPad just recently). That being said, I can't see Apple releasing another iPad model before next January, mainly because the iPad is selling so well, why create a new product to take away sales of a product that most lay-people think is it for now. I don't think this mention is an Apple TV revamp, mainly (for reasons already stated on this...
[QUOTE=screamingfist;1698261]yep, good point. I think the reason why Android is doing well enough is because of market saturation and it's a open source approach, kind of like how Windows became so dominant. Plus there are already tons of devices for it. Plus Android OS does not rely on the web to function. It is more of a standard OS. Chrome OS is 100% dependent on the web. It doesn't need much memory or storage to operate, which is a huge plus for weight.Chrome OS...
I was waiting for this to happen. The big 5 media giants pretty much own everything, and they are not going to give up all the ad space to Google. Just take a look at this article and you'll understand: http://www.fair.org/index.php?page=1406 One could also check out the documentary "This Film is not yet Rated" for a really good idea of what's going on here.
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