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[QUOTE=screamingfist;1698261]yep, good point. I think the reason why Android is doing well enough is because of market saturation and it's a open source approach, kind of like how Windows became so dominant. Plus there are already tons of devices for it. Plus Android OS does not rely on the web to function. It is more of a standard OS. Chrome OS is 100% dependent on the web. It doesn't need much memory or storage to operate, which is a huge plus for weight.Chrome OS...
I was waiting for this to happen. The big 5 media giants pretty much own everything, and they are not going to give up all the ad space to Google. Just take a look at this article and you'll understand: http://www.fair.org/index.php?page=1406 One could also check out the documentary "This Film is not yet Rated" for a really good idea of what's going on here.
I tried it, and got no links on the first few pages that mention anyone complaining about it being too light (weight-wise). There are plenty of complaints about it being too bright to read e-books.
You are in the 16% bracket i presume.http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/20...aper-than-ipadA new study from Retrevo (over 1,000 non-Retrevo users) looks at interest in the iPad ahead of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference next week. The company emailed WebProNews with a round-up of significant findings. So without beating around the bush, let's just get to them. Study Highlights: - 52% of people surveyed say they "don't need" an iPad - 38% of people say the iPad is...
type in "iPad too heavy" into a google search and see what comes up. Huffington Post PC World CNet Reviews Business Insider There are a lot of people complaining about the weight. Everyone I know who owns one has "mentioned" that it is on the heavy side.
you fail to see that you're not holding a laptop in your hand for extended periods of time. When you hold the iPad long enough, fatigue does set in. i can agree with the rest of what you state. Right now the iPad is 24 oz. That's more than double that of a standard paperback book, roughly 4-8 oz. Heck, the Dell Streak is 7.7 oz. and it does just about the same as the iPad.
i agree, instead of a smaller form factor to reduce weight, why not improve the current model to reduce weight. I am one that subscribes to the fact that the current model is too heavy, comparatively speaking. The ipod Touch has the same guts in it, except for a larger battery and screen size, and it only weighs 4.05 oz. I can't imagine the screen and battery contributing that much more mass. Even if they reduced the current model to 500g (17 oz) it's still too heavy,...
you sound like they type of consumer that would buy the Yugo if it was replaced with an Apple logo.an all-in-one TV/iTunes device is very different from a boom-box.
I'm not sure where you get your data from but 5 years is very wasteful to be rid of a TV. I have a 5 year old plasma and it works just as well as it did when i bought it. my last JVC 31" CRT lasted me 15 years before the picture started to dim and blur.
yeah, and if you follow Google at all, their Android OS for TVs and STBs might be more what you're looking at.http://www.google.com/tv/
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