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if they release it, it will be quiet. Sounds more likely that this is an accessory that will be part of a larger release.
that's what makes me so peeved about the iPad. I'm an architect, and we sketch a lot and take notes a lot in meetings. The ability to physically write on the iPad with a stylus like the Wacom tablet would make that device so much more useful to me! What about doctors that take notes during exams and receptionists or any business person in general that needs a note pad for jotting notes. Heck, there is a notes app native in the device already!!! It's on my top 5 list...
yes, it's their blue-tooth keyboard...probably way smaller than what you use.
i think you guys are missing a huge aspect of why apple makes products. I think it will do everything. Look at the new remote they introduced two years ago. It works for the iPod/phone IR dock, the aTV and the Macbooks and the iMac. I think the new device will work for every product apple makes. It will probably be like a Magic Mouse replacement. My only hope is that they start introducing some of the multi-touch gestures from the Macbook trackpad into the...
wow, this article is scathing!!! Although I don't really agree 100% with this article, he does have some good arguments. If you read through this whole blog, you will notice a lot of post-ers that have changed their tune who had once hated. I expect AI to post something about this soon.
I got it from Macworld's live blog. He may not have caught every sentence because i didn't read what you just quoted anywhere.
I was ready to buy the iPhone 4, but then this antenna issue came up. So i waited. I was also waiting for the WHITE model to become available too and I was glad I waited. Personally, I think this press conference did some good with me. I think they are still hiding behind the whole "every phone has this problem" excuse and if they would have insulated the antenna more, then this wouldn't be a problem. I have the iP3g and tried to hold it the way they do on the APPLE...
No he really didn't ever say "i'm sorry our product has a flaw". He was even asked point-blank if an apology was in order..."Q: Do you owe people an apology? A: People say it's the coolest phone they have ever had. But we want people to be satisfied, and they can return the company. We want investors who want a long-term view, who trust us in the long run to keep innovating." If you call that an apology, then ok, he did.
From Macworld Liveblog:"Q: Are you considering any changes in the antenna design of future iPhones? A: We've been kind of preoccupied with this. We're pretty happy with the antenna design than the iPhone 4. It's a better antenna than the 3GS in almost every way. We waved a red flag in front of a bull by putting the "grip me here" design and made it very obvious. So I don't know what our next antenna design will be. Maybe our wizards in the antenna lab will come up with...
SJ was asked this by some reporter from Europe, the answer is Yes, globally.
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