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I agree, the MBair needs to be vastly different to be more marketable. Too Niche of a device, that said, Apple products are all Niche devices but this is too niche for even the staunchest supporters, which has bit it's bane since it debuted. still hold that i'd love to see a 10" alternative to the iPad, call it the iBook.
we don't need evidence to hold an opinion. Yes wishful thinking and opinionated conversation is what these forums are for.
that said, the BT keyboard or keyboard dock don't really work well in your lap, and would suck to lug around from place to place. Apple needs to update the keyboard dock to more of a lap-top style all-in-one.
I know this will never happen, but I'd like to see Apple finally produce a MBair with a 10" screen, running either iOS or some hybrid OS with a touch screen. The iPad is nice, but for me, I want more attention to the couch potato blogger and the iPad doesn't yet fit that bill. I'd like to see the shuffle go away. I have the gen1 shuffle and i thought the Gen2 was perfect, save for a screen. combining the Nano and Shuffle seems like an Apple thing to do, but if it's a...
Thank You!
that's just because of storage space, take that away and you have a $250 price difference, since they don't make a 16 gig touch anymore.
your argument was mute because you where trying to compare the functionality/UI of a lap-top to that of the iPad. I've used it in my lap on the couch, typing is a pain, the device doesn't have a good viewing angle when flat and when my legs are elevated, the device slides down to my crotch and typing because almost crazy-bad. checking email, and responding = typing facebook, myspace, twitter, forums (like AI) =typing why the hell am i explaining myself to you, it's my...
i would tend to agree. The Touch was originally the alternative to the iPhone, for people who didn't want to buy into ATT. However, the Touch is so popular now that eliminating it entirely for say a 5" or 6" screen may be the answer. Iit probably would piss-off some people at first, but I think that's the best argument I've heard...and keep the same price-points as the current touch.
yes, Apple has priced themselves into a hole for sure. Unless the iPod Touch gets a huge price reduction in September, I don't see a 6"-7" iPad in the near future.
they could develop and interface with the new Magic Trackpad. They do have a remote that already works with the current aTV. Plus they have apps for the iPhone and Touch that interface with aTV.
New Posts  All Forums: