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really? it took 3 years to come up with a way to use the EXISTING User Interface of the iPod show up on the screen? BMW should fire their software engineers. I tested a Mini Cooper a few months ago (yes, they are made by BMW) and found the UI of the iPod Link cable to be deplorable!!!
that doesn't solve the problem. Imagine a couch, then putting your feet up and relaxing with a nice iPad in your lap. Then suddenly, you get an email. From your girlfriend wondering what you want to do this weekend...you want to reply but can't because you'd have to contort yourself into some crazy carpal-tunnel position to type. Oh, well, better get up and go into the office where you can type comfortably.
methane seas is right...i'm not going to even post the quote, just that you wrote it... you just post the same crap all the time. Someone needs to ban you.
well, thanks for the update. however i do mention "whatever they produce" since it's just speculation that this research has anything to do with a new product by MS in the first place.
sounds like they want to push the "Courier" full speed ahead and add all the features that fanboys/girls are griping about in the current iPad. If i were to take the study, I would suggest that whatever they produce, or propose to produce, they better make it feel as good as the ipad. It really does feel good to hold and the quality of the materials is top notch. That would be number two on the list of top features to emulate about the iPad. The number one would be...
I never dismissed anything about gaming, ok, that's 3 applications you mentioned, still not convinced a smaller form factor is worth the engineering to sell it. oh, and check this link out...too funny. I guess screen size isn't as important as form factorhttps://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?...rue#featureTabI have to laugh at this...dude, is tapping the screen with your thumb (in one hand) really so cumbersome as to detract you from reading on the iPHone? Talk about out...
Agreed 100% Hearing your frustration with the new iP4. May i propose, if you really want the experience of the iPhone, go get the 3Gs, it may not have the crisp display or the forward camera, but what better way to tell Apple to "fix it" than to buy the previous model. Many companies did this with Windows Vista which made a pretty big statement if you ask me. Granted it took years for Windows 7 to come out afterward, but that's a whole OS, not something like the iPhone.
It may fail if people that are having this problem don't just up and return the device in exchange for a full refund or and iP3Gs. That's the only way Apple will address this issue, by see mass returns. Now, I don't think anyone is trying to "sully" Apple's reputation; on the contrary, i think they are trying to force Apple to live up to such reputation.
and your point? What difference does it make to have owned and experienced a problem that obviously many people are having. We don't know how many but it seems to be a lot, since it's being reported on a reputable source like CR. I'm so tired of hearing this statement on the blogs, this is a known hardware issue that many people are experiencing. The point post-ers are trying to make is that Apple (at this point) needs to address this issue, and not simply with a...
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