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"In the event that the Apple Watch battery needs to be replaced"   Are you kidding? A battery that has be charged 365 times a year might need to be replaced someday? I'm sad to learn that Apple's battery won't last forever.     If the battery lasts "up to 18 hours" when new, it will be down to 14 or even 12 hours after about a year of use. This is totally unacceptable. Then you have to send it away and wait for the UPS guy to deliver it to your door (Apple does not...
No kidding! I take my Rolex off before shower.
   I fully agree with your statement. People should spend less time worrying about the Kardashians' anatomy and more about why they are violated needlessly when they board a plane. If you can connect a few dots you will find the official narrative to be totally ridiculous.  While airport TSAs routinely grope and strip search 3-year old kids and grandmas, AIRMAIL parcels are NEVER inspected. It's illegal for privacy reasons. It is far easier to set up a bomb in a box...
This reminds me of the old saying going back to the days when people were allowed to smoke in public places: "A non-smoking section in a restaurant is like a non-peeing section in a swimming pool" It don't work!
The price reduction was inevitable but I suspect they'll still make pretty good money even when the plastic model is down to $49.99. After about a year I still get 4-5 days out of the battery (was 5-6 days when new) which is excellent but there are a couple of issues: the silly magnet charging cable simply does not hold properly and I must use a rubber band to hold it in place while charging. I also need a charging bar with a LED that tells me it's actually charging. It is...
I just received two free high end cameras and I still have enough credit card points for a free trip overseas. Apple will have to try hard to get my business.
If you used your phone more than you pick your nose you would probably find that the battery doesn't last all day.
Given the larger size this new battery should be good enough to make it till noon if one stays off YouTube. And I'm sure Apple will brag about having the thinnest phone in its class.
Apple ought to be sued for not including coloured visual notification lights deaf AND NON-DEAF people can use to see if they missed messages etc.
As much as I dislike Samsung, this is one thing I have to agree with. (1) The iPhone battery is way underpowered and (2) is not user replaceable. I don't need a paper thin phone that levitates. I want a phone that lasts all day, actually using it. Tell the brass: https://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html
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