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iOs has a long ways to go before it can replace a laptop. Come on guys, try harder.
I knew Apple was part of the MIC (military industrial complex) the minute Steve Jobs pulled the Wikileaks app. A group reporting the shooting of unarmed journalists is unacceptable but reporting the shooting is a crime. Search Top Whisleblowers to see what happens to those who tell the truth. Then see what happens to the criminals: either nothing or they get rewarded and promoted. Not one military official responsible for the safety of America got reprimanded after 9/11...
Instead of useless bells and whistles Apple should concentrate on the more important features that Pebble has had since it was first launched years ago, e.g.: How about warning me when I leave my phone behind at the restaurant, etc.? The Pebble will nag you to get your attention when your phone is 30 feet away from you. Come on Apple!
I wonder if the manufacturers of arm band batteries will be allowed with their products on the Apple watch without ruining the warranty? I doubt it but... 
What size watch do you have?
Thanks for the review. I nearly got sucked in. This Mac is a couple of ports away from happiness. I already have an iPad. I'll pass.
"Apple has filled the shoes of former PR chief Katie Cotton"   I'll bet he looks real cute in her shoes;-)
"In the event that the Apple Watch battery needs to be replaced"   Are you kidding? A battery that has be charged 365 times a year might need to be replaced someday? I'm sad to learn that Apple's battery won't last forever.     If the battery lasts "up to 18 hours" when new, it will be down to 14 or even 12 hours after about a year of use. This is totally unacceptable. Then you have to send it away and wait for the UPS guy to deliver it to your door (Apple does not...
No kidding! I take my Rolex off before shower.
   I fully agree with your statement. People should spend less time worrying about the Kardashians' anatomy and more about why they are violated needlessly when they board a plane. If you can connect a few dots you will find the official narrative to be totally ridiculous.  While airport TSAs routinely grope and strip search 3-year old kids and grandmas, AIRMAIL parcels are NEVER inspected. It's illegal for privacy reasons. It is far easier to set up a bomb in a box...
New Posts  All Forums: