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Thomas Knoll, who created Photoshop, one of the most popular and most expensive software in the world, sold it to Adobe and then went back to work for them to get medical coverage!  http://www.luminous-landscape.com/interview_with_thomas_knoll.shtml
 Although more subtle, Google is almost as creepy as FaceBook. I have been using startpage.com for a while and a vpn that accepts prepaid credit cards bought in a store that has no video cameras. I always wait at least 3 months anyways just in case there is a video camera as they normally reuse the tapes after 30 days --6 months+ for banks. All set up with a used laptop bought at a flea market for cash, wiped clean and now with Ubuntu humming on it. Needless to say I never...
This seems legit. Pay attention to the lower right hand side of the photograph. There is a whole pile of front panels
I worry about a DECENT BATTERY! A little over a year and I can hardly make it till noon. Adding insult to injury I'll have to mail the damn thing, be without a phone for at least a week and pay, all in, about $100 for the "privilege." This, in a day and age where most people don't have a landline. This is unacceptable. With many phones you just get a spare battery on eBay for $5 and swap it yourself. Come on Apple! Real people don't care about the world's THINNEST phone.
 Oh please. FYI the laws of physics don't take a break. The only people who believe the official story are those who (a) didn't look into it seriously or (b) suffer from cognitive dissonance. There are excellent documentaries that cover this. This new Italian production is the best. Here's the trailer for the English edition: http://bit.ly/1clc98q And here's the table of contents for the series. Warning: It's 5-hours long: http://bit.ly/1hU554P Cognitive dissonance is...
This statement is incredibly naive. Do you actually trust your government? And how about tomorrow's government? Turn off your tv for a while and follow Appelbum and his whistleblower friends like Thomas Drake, former NSA official who's been completely ruined for telling the truth. They accused him of leaking classified information that had actually been on the net for years. When they found that they RETROACTIVELY classified the documents! By the time all was said and done...
They call it "Threshold" because "Soup to Nuts" was already taken. 
[quote name="malax" url="/t/160712/ I used my iPhone maybe 50-100 times a day and make about 3 phone calls a week. [/quote] Ditto here!
I understand that this product is not American? This is a serious advantage as they wouldn't be bound by the NSA-Gestapo regulations and forced to provide their entire database like Facebook, Apple, Google, etc.
 As a matter of fact, when Apple wants to know when they have a new product coming out they ask allthingsd.
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