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Apple seriously needs to take the lead in the wide open 3D printer field. These guys are now printing electronics. http://www.optomec.com/
Sprint will be called the inetwork in six months. Suck on that, AT&T and Verizon.
Here's a shot in the dark: You won't sell any in Europe. They're kinda preoccupied at the moment. I'd seriously consider putting this thing on hold until things stabilize. Apple should focus on proven products for now.
I'm completely satisfied with the hardware on my 4s. Apple could win the war with Siri alone, especially by version 5.0. It's hard to overstate what a big deal Siri will become.
Say bye-bye to B&N's 691 brick & mortar stores.
There is a lot of room for improvement in satellite Internet and voice. If they could get the lag time down around a second, they could deploy a global network with no dead zones and bypass all the tower networks.
Apple needs to buy a network. In 4 or 5 generations they'll have the perfect hardware/software combo for iphone and ipad. So many of their products rely on a reliable connection that they shouldn't allow themselves to be at the mercy of the service providers.
Honey, I'll be home after I drop by Wal-Mart and get a bag of blue jeans and an iPad. Do we need a jug of peanut butter?
They should use the symbol Prince used to use for his name. It could be the product formerly known as a TV. It'll piss everybody off.
The highest estimate I've read puts Saudi Aramco at $7 trillion. Apple could solve them quick time with a super-efficient home solar panel. Please!!!!!
New Posts  All Forums: