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You just know that the 2010 rollout is gonna rock!!!! 4G 3.0 software (snow leopard) 16 core power plant AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, SiriusXM
....Or Snow Leopard for iphone crankin' on an 8, 16, or 32 core chip......with phone and data provided by SiriusXM?
Apple's a stupid name for a company. That'll never work! Ahahahaha!!!!! Go private, Steve!!!! Screw those feeders on Wall Street!!!!
I remember when people used to read the New York Times. Didn't they just report an 82% drop in profit? Next week Joe Nocera will say that Jesus called him. This guy's a desperate print pimp. What a jip!
The iphone 1.0 will always be the worst iphone ever made. Admit it! For those of us who were brave enough to take the plunge on that sweet brushed aluminum piece of art, you know we were just a small group of beta testers in a controlled study. The 3G/2.0 is a potential world-changer and pretty ballsy if you think about it. Marginal, methodical tweaks and improvements are all Apple has to worry about now. I know that necessity drives invention, so it's good to be...
I don't mean to overthink this thing, but Gene Munster's 10 million unit annual sales estimate is a miss. Big time!!!!!! They'll sell 10 million in Oklahoma. Go Steve, Go!!!! Still waitin' on mine from AT&T since the 19th!
Does anybody on this post know anything about the Hammerhead GPS chip in THEPHONE? Obviously GPS can transmit location data to and from handset and satellite, but can it potentially allow SiriusXM to compete with AT&T as service provider? Sorry to blow up this thread with the iphone. I'll get back on subject: Ballmer's a moron!!!!!
The most overpaid seat warmer in history is reacting the same way his boss did when a little company called Netscape took the wind out of his sails in '95. If you guys up in Redmond would stop sprinkling anti-cool dust on all your products before you ship them you wouldn't have to panic every 5 years. Come on guys.....Vista?.......Seriously!
I can think of a lot of tech billionares who wish all the hype about Steve's health were true. He's laying the groundwork now with the iphone3g, AppleTV, MacbookAir, itunes, appstore, leopard, etc. We ain't seen nothin' yet! GO PRIVATE, STEVE!!! SCREW WALL STREET!!!!!
New Posts  All Forums: