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So 10.5.5 sure looks like it has fixed the problem on my wife's MacBook Pro. I just did a quick couple of scrolling tests unplugged, and there was no tearing at all. I'm amazed - I was just about to call Applecare to repair the machine. We'll see if it pops up again, but it looks good out of the gate. Anyone else fixed/not fixed with 10.5.5?
Yeah I saw that. I'm really not sure what to think. My iMac is now showing the same symptoms, although not nearly as frequently or noticeably. Thinking back, I actually cloned this iMac onto her machine at one point and the problem wasn't there. After reverting back to her install it started again immediately. That sure seems to point to a problem with software.
My wife's Pro still has this problem - I've been waiting for a software fix but it sure doesn't seem like it is coming (or is a priority if it was). We're expecting another child towards the end of this month so it looks like that's when her machine will go in for repairs. The sad thing is I've got a 2008 alu 24" iMac which just started tearing today. Wonder if this thing has a shoddy GPU as well.
I have to say for a "defective" screen, this thing is gorgeous. It makes my old 2001FP look like dirt next to it (nothing like a new monitor to make you realize how dim your old one was!). Using this machine I doubt anyone would notice the backlight isn't even - I just did a couple Aperture tutorials and I wouldn't actually know if I hadn't checked the screen previously. It is actually really easy on the eyes - it is amazingly bright, but stays nice at dimmer levels. It...
I live right next door to nowhere (not even an Apple store in the state ), so I've got an RMA number and free FedEx pickup. They are sending a replacement and I'm going to use this until it arrives. Support was good - I actually spoke with 2 applecare people (got cut off with the first one). Neither one really understood what I meant when I said the backlight was uneven, but they asked and I was then escalated. I said I wanted a replacement and that was that - very good...
Cover is off - it's obviously the backlight that's the problem. I imagine a lot of people wouldn't even notice but for photo work it's a no-go, so it's not exactly a disaster. back at ya.
Just plugged in and turned it on (didn't even remove the plastic protection yet) - it's dead silent on boot - I can hear my Core Duo mini sitting next to it. Backlighting is uneven - there's a large dark 'smudge' in the middle, and the left side of the screen is definitely brighter than the rest. I think this one is going back I'm going to keep replacing them until I get one with an even backlight - I do web design and a lot of photo stuff so this just won't cut it...
Sweet - my 3.0 just arrived FedEx. Was supposed to be here on Tuesday - I'm amazed to see it. Won't really get a chance until monday to give it a workout, but of course I'll have to at least set it up
You can get that machine refurbed direct from Apple for 1300, so while it's a good deal it's not a really great one. I think it boils down to your financial situation really. I personally like the idea of the newest machine I can get just so I can sell it down the road for as much as possible, but it's not like there's a huge difference between the two (especially if you don't get the 8800 in the new model).
Actually, the reason I went for the 3.0 was because I wanted everything else, and the 2.8 with added 8800, 500GB HD, and 4GB of RAM (from Apple) was only $60 less than the default 3.0 and RAM from Newegg. You make a good point about the noise - I'm sort of questioning whether I shouldn't have just stuck with the 2.8 (I would think that 20 watts in that iMac enclosure could make the fans run more).
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