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I have a mid 2011 i7 iMac 27". I was having some problems with it, so I zero'd out the drive (few hours) in disk utility and installed a fresh copy of Mavericks via usb flash. Everything installed fine (and surprisingly quickly) with no error prompts.    Since I like to install non-app store apps, I immediately went to security prefs and changed it to "Anywhere". I began doing my re-installs and not a single app would install. when I would double click on the install app...
Been checking out these sound docks for an iPhone 5. Both have great specs. The volume of customer reviews on amazon for the bose outweighs the Aud 5. But are they really that different?   I'm wondering if I'm really getting more quality out of the bose if i spend more or if i'm just getting the bose 'name' for $100 more?
In my opinion, they have a splash page with 6 categories (giant icons). 2 rows of 3: 1. Shop iPhone 2. Shop iPod 3. Shop iPad 4. Shop Mac 5. Accessories 6. Clearance (Text links underneath for Education / Corporate Portal Pricing Sales/Support) Save all those promo Ads until you reach the portal you selected, and have all the details below instead of everything crammed together.
  I've been using it almost a year. worked great up until this morning.Message BETA on Mountain Lion will not send/receive pictures though.
In California. iMessage has been down for me. all messages fail.
  I find their predictions entertaining, but all these analysts are taking the cut and run with the "yup, it's already been confirmed, it's dual-core" yet, there's not a legitimate citation. I asked on analyst about his article, and he kindly replied (very quickly I might add) and realized there was no source, but based on the A5 being single-core this one has to be dual-core if it's twice as fast. And correct me if I'm wrong, but the A5 has always been dual-core CPU,...
  Sorry, the source is an analyst. That's an unofficial source... I guess we'll have to wait.
All these articles are now circulating about the A15 cortex within A6. but no one is stating if the CPU is quad-core.
    I think the concern is proper aspect ratio (i'm suprised none of you questioned this, but instead all flew off the handle 'just get a Droid M/galaxy duh' attitude). I hope i'm wrong, but it does appear to be too skinny. Time will tell.
  I'm sure apple will provide an adapter even if your car charger was iphone specific.
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