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really, the CW?? that's like saying apple tv got streaming rights to all the minor league teams.
Wow, those 3% must be really feisty!
btw, the pickup location is: SHENZHEN CN and it's being shipped using FedEx
just got an e-mail from apple saying that my package has been picked up and is in transit. ETA: 9/30/2010.
for instance, new iTunes songs come out on Tuesday. New macs, most likely come out on Tuesday. any financial reasons for this? is this steve jobs' favorite day of the week?
not that i'm going to whine... but apple decided to replace my old macbook pro (due to logic board issues) with a brand new unibody macbook pro. They screwed up that old one way too many times via apple care... Long story short, the order for the new unibody macbook pro was placed on Feb 5, 2010 and it will arrive around Feb 10... Do you think Apple would just give me the new i7/i5 specs since I had it customized for the antiglare screen? The order clearly states it's...
why don't you get the 20" from amazon instead? they don't charge for ship and tax. then, buy the applecare from the apple edu store.
There were some minor cosmetic changes from the last version of the iBook. One of them is that the keyboard font is different and the USB connector color is grey, not white. That's the only thing I observed as different from the external view.
oh yeah, i also used the T3 during my final year in undergrad and used it to record lectures. Although the audio quality wasn't the best - you have to sit up in front of class - it was pretty helpful for those times you fall asleep during lectures
I use a palm tungsten t3 with my iBook and mac mini. To sync it, I use Missing Sync by Mark/Space. I think it works really well for the most part and I really love my T3. The only problem that really annoys me is that the iCal calendars do not sync categories with the palm. So, for instance, your "personal" and "business" calendars are shown as the same category on the palm. This is annoying because the colors no longer help distinguish the two different calendars. ...
New Posts  All Forums: