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don't forget that the Dell 2405FPW has a multi USB card reader. Very handy if you ask me.
you could always go this route : http://www3.telus.net/thewitt/BT/ not recommended though. lol.
1GB Kingston ValueRam PC2700 RAM at Outpost.com for 109.99 After Rebate.
So my iBook 700Mhz died (this is the 2nd time) from the logic board problem 3 weeks ago. I send it in and they get it into me within a week. Works great again! I'm happy. However, it breaks down again in just 4 days (3rd time)! So I call AppleCare again and the first tech support guy tells me I may be able to get a replacement for the laptop. I'm excited about that, until I get to talk to a "Product Specialist." Basically I explained my situation to the guy and...
Btw, the apple displays using the education discount are 699, 1299, and 2699, respectively.
I think if you are really looking to buy a DELL 2005FPW, wait till July. That is when their quarter ends, and I believe this display will cost about 380 by then (its lowest price has been ~386 already).
So if apple acquires Adobe, they'll own almost every form of popular digital media and the programs to make them!
wow, if money was no factor for me, that would be my dream system! Well, you still lack the 30" Apple display
I got mine from newegg for 157. Sure it was PQI, but at least it wasn't generic. Also outpost has a couple of good deals
After you said that comment, i kinda wanted to buy an internal drive at 7200RPM, but after looking at the prices, I think i'm going to just boot OS X off of an external drive with a 7200RPM drive. This should be faster, right? ( compared to the internal drive now) At least I know it's cheaper.
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