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on second thought, the drive is pretty darn loud.
well do you have an external monitor you like to use? If you do, get the mac mini with at least 512MB of RAM. Also of note, the iBook G3's have been known to be problem makers. Mine was no exception either. So unless that iBook has Apple Care on it, I would stay clear from that iBook.
yeah, after i put the case back together, it didn't fit. So I had to take it off again and carefully put it back on. The properly align then smush technique worked pretty well for me.
hard drive seemed too buried in for my comfort. However, there are manuals out there detailing the exact steps needed to take to get the hard drive out. My issue would be if the risk and performance were really worth it.
This was harder than thought because my putty knife was nowhere as good as the one seen in the video. Anyway, after just having the, screw it and use all force possible, attitude, I was able to get the mac mini open with my flimsy putty knife. I ended up making some slight cosmetic damages, but I don't think they are going to void my warranty... Unless someone can tell me otherwise. Some recommendations would be to buy a very wide putty knife that is very thin and...
It's not that the racism that makes me mad about this song, it's the lack of humanism. How can you parody something so awful? Sure it sends out a lot of shock value, but seriously, this kind of act makes me feel ashamed to be human. I sure hope that these people really don't feel that way and were doing it just for the money. However, it sounded as if they really held onto these beliefs and opinions when defending their position against Miss Info. Are people...
i love my mac mini and I'm also upgrading from a g3 700Mhz iBook with 640MB. IMO, our situations are quite similar. Anyway, the machine is slow with the 256MB RAM in comparison to my iBook when it comes to multi-tasking. However, application startup times are much quicker. I haven't gotten to play with my new toy much, but as soon as my 1GB of RAM comes in and I get a break from school, I'll post another review. Another thing I am going to attempt to do with...
just tried it out and yes, playing an audio CD does sound louder than playing a DVD. However, I rarely listen to CDs because I convert them to mp3 right away. Also, I don't find the noise too loud... it's actually quite bearable. If you need complete silence, then this probably wouldn't be something you want to buy. Then again you could always buy an external firewire CD drive to play CDs or even burn DVDs.
184-pin sized DIMM
By the way, if you are a student you get a $50 discount at the apple store for the faster model and a $30 discount for the slower one. At least in austin... This is a better discount than the one offered online I believe. So the total price I got for mine was 594.27 with tax. Sweet deal if you ask me...
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