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You make an interesting point about the towers. I have also read your other post about iBooks. All great points! Anyway, what do you think about the TiBooks? Which one do you think is the "best" value. I know you like the iBooks a lot and have shown me tons of points to go for the iBook, but the iBook doesn't have G4 or 32MB VRAM. I need a computer, mainly a laptop, that will be so powerful that I won't even think about buying a new laptop until 4 years from now when I...
The iBook is good, but my reasons for wanting a TiBook are because it's display is far superior, it looks awesome, it has a G4, 32MB of VRAM, faster bus speeds and will be top of the line for at least a year. In a few more MONTHS, G3 will be unheard of. 1) G3 can't handle as much as G4 processor (if you can prove me wrong on this, please do, and I will go for the iBook) and you can upgrade the memory on the TiBook to a gig compared to only 640MB. So in other words, it...
thanks for the input!
If you were to buy a top of the line mac right at this moment. How long do you think it would last you? As in how long this will be your primary computer. We'll assume now is after MMNY and they just speed bumped everything by 200Mhz and gave them all +33Mhz faster bus speeds. TiBook, iBook(g3), PowerMac, iMac G4, and even the iPod.
Well seeing that all the VRam will be used into a fully accelearted Open GL scene, won't you need like an awesome awesome vid card for that? Won't dvd playback and quicktime movies be laggy? Not to mention on those iBooks, are they equipped to even handle a dvd movie while surfing the net? What do you think?
So sorry, I accidently posted a new topic and not a reply. I am a newb at this... and I am using a PC because I just sold my iBook on ebay so that I could get a powerbook, which I haven't bought yet.
Do you think it's wise to buy a PowerBook after MWNY 02? If I need it by late August for the start of college? Speaking of which, what do you think the new iBook G4 will look like? (I know this is completely off topic, sorry)
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