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with the pictures i already have it is pretty responsive and works well. I don't have a digital camera yet, so I have not imported any pictures yet. Anyone have any recommendations for a digital camera?
If anyone wants to know anything they can't confirm with the mac mini please ask me and I'll see what i can do!
got my mac mini from the apple store in austin today and I'm lovin it! Short review: The mini is very small. Very easy to set up and install software on because you are given the ability to transfer your settings from your old mac through firewire to the mini. The mini definetly needs more RAM, but otherwise it is rather speedy.
I think he was referring to the 802.11g USB 2 dongles I had posted about. Unfortunately the iBook doesn't have a PCMCIA slot either. I guess you are stuck with 802.11b as the best speed you'll ever achieve wirelessly on an iBook.
I have found this article that has a possible solution. I guess we won't really see if this works until the first mac mini's come out and people try it out. Also, I'm not sure where to buy a product like this. Most of the VGA splitters seem to display the same image on both displays. Someone know of how to do what is discussed in the following article?http://www.macfixit.com/article.php?...50113072151376
If your video card doesn't support DVD drives, then you are out of luck. I know this because I use an iBook that has a video card that supports DVD playback and an external firewire DVD drive. The DVD player that comes with OS X automatically plays my DVD when I insert it into the external drive.
Thanks for the advice man. Time is pretty precious to me and I like things to get done fast and well. I guess that is why I'm willing to spend the "big bucks" on this computer. However, I'll literally be broke after this purchase.
Thanks again for all of your input. I will probably end up waiting to see how easy it is to open up a new mac mini from the people who get theirs first. If it is easy, I'll get the base configuration of the 1.42 Ghz and 3rd party 1GB RAM. If it is too difficult, I'll just get the 512 with the 1.42 Ghz machine. I'll also be running OS X off my 7200RPM firewire drive instead of the mini's hard drive ( I believe this is a better solution, right?)
I'm just kidding! I'm no where that obsessed!
After reading all the posts about how small of a processor increase this is, I think I am going to change my purchase. However, before I do this, I want to tell ya'll what I plan to do with my mac mini. Use an elGato Wonder USB2 to record television, check e-mail, write docs, chat, video chat, listen to music, watch anime with divx codecs, burn CDs (Maybe DVDs once I buy an external Superdrive), possibly edit the video I capture with the ATI Wonder, have widgets...
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