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Try one of these. http://shop3.outpost.com/category/Ou...terAreaString=
begin placing candles around, hold incense in your hand and begin bowing. *Optional* Have a gong going off in the background.
I agree with the majority of this post, but I disagree on getting the base model because I think the extra hard drive space and processor power are worth 100 more.
Here are some wireless USB adapters I saw at Fry's: http://shop3.outpost.com/category/Ou...terAreaString=
I am thinking of buying a USB 2.0 Netgear 802.11g adapter instead of using airport express because it is a cheaper solution. My question is, does this thing work with OS X?
Why not just skip out on the bluetooth preinstalled and get a bluetooth USB dongle instead? It's cheaper if you have a USB hub. Also, Bluetooth 2.0 should be out by this year too.
I think it wouldn't be wise because I believe that stuff is soldered onto the board. This is of course from a person using an iBook. I'm pretty sure they used the same philosophy for the iMac though. Apple is pretty evil about this memory game.
Stock superdrives from apple are usually really slow. For example, 4x write speeds for DVD+/-R (I think). Compare this to an external drive that can write DVDs at 16x.
I have ordered one too because I believe the mini will have enough umph for the job.
Definetly to mac. However, you've come to the wrong forum if you want us to say to not mac. We're a little biased, if you know what I mean. Seriously though, if you need a program that is windows only, Virtual PC 7 should be plenty fast to run those programs, like Microsoft Access. Plus if you are a student like me at a the University of Texas, they have Virtual PC 7 with Office 2004 for like $15. Check with your local campus computer store about their price on...
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