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Now that we have pretty much confirmed that the mac mini's hard drive is a 2.5" 4200RPM, would it be better to use an external firewire drive as the startup drive for the mac mini? I have a 120GB and a 80GB that both have 8MB cache a 7200RPM speed. What's your opinion?
I plan on buying an external firewire enclosure and then buying an internal DVD R+-W drive.
Thanks guys for the numbers. I've decided to go with the faster one though. I'm sure it's not noticible, but in the long run I'm sure those milliseconds I save can add up.... Also, I don't want my mac to hiccup in front of my PC friends and family -- they all dislike the mac platform and my iBook has frozen up in front of them a couple of times already. Anyway, here is the configuration I ended up with. I would have like to buy a base configuration from macmall...
I want a mac mini, but I want the faster one because of the processor; I could care less about the hard drive space. So the question comes down to is if the extra speed is worth 100 bucks. Will this speed be significantly faster or last me longer?
The iPod minis got color, so why not mac mini? I would buy a blue or green or red mac mini for 100 more...
Well they do sell engraved ipods now and the only reason i want to buy from them is because of the no tax charged. Thanks for the info though! I guess I'll be ordering from them, unless someone knows of a cheaper place to get laser engraved iPods
according to a sales rep for macmall, laser engravings smudge the ipod. i want to get an ipod engraved for a friend but i don't want it to look bad. does anyone have pictures of an engraved ipod?
No way iBooks are getting a G5 before powerbooks do. iBooks probably going to have a G4 for a long time. The next rev of iBooks will only have faster G4's for a looooong time. It will basically be the only thing that will distinguish the powerbook from the iBook.
Hey, I can't load the forum threads up using Firefox. Is this just me or is anyone else experiencing this? Also, what's with the AMD ads on a mac community forum??
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