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Just in case you wanted to d/l it, I found a mirror for it on the yahoo group! Enjoy! http://download.starcoder.com/watson/Watson_1.7.5.dmg
http://weblog.karelia.com/ Now does anyone know where I can download this? I'm trying to join the yahoo group, but the moderator has to approve my access and it takes awhile for approval.
now which one of them did you think sucked? haha
I like the free one available this week (Rasmus - In the Shadows), I also like Metric -Combat Baby. Overall I think all the songs have been pretty good stuff.
Hey interact, I sent you a PM. Please reply if interested. Thanks.
Using a VGA to DVI connector, could i use my iBook 700 Mhz with the new 20" display?
thx. found out it was 4200RPM.
just for the sake of curiousity... what would you do if the computers had the same video card?
When i shipped my iBook back to apple because my hard drive failed, they accidently replaced it with a 40GB hard drive, instead of a 20GB. Anyway, I was wondering if the speed of the hard drive was 4200RPM or 5400RPM. I doubt it's 5400RPM, but I thought it would be cool to know for sure. Btw, I have told apple care of their mistake and they told me to just keep it.
more video ram just allows for more awesomeness to occur on your screen. especially if you are a gamer.
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