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I used to like using logitech products until i figured out the hard way that their tech support sucks. For instance, I have told them many times about a problem I encountered while using their wired internet keyboard for the mac. This problem causes their keyboard to be unusable when pressing down on a particular combination of keys (In order to use it again, I must unplug and replug the keyboard from the USB slot). However, they deny this problem exists and will not...
haha, so is this the guy who inspired the telsa coils in the command and conquer series?
I just switched my computer's processor performance from automatic to highest when using my iBook with a power adapter. Are there any negative affects of doing this, other than using more power? Just curious. Anyway, I saw a significant performance increase from this easy switch, making me wonder why anyone would leave it on automatic.
I guess it depends on how picky you are. I'm kinda picky about noise, but I don't really hear my hard drive fans (I have 2). I guess I've gotten used to them... they're like white noise to me. I think the noise level really isn't that bad. Then again, I've never heard the quiet HDD you have. I'm sure if I heard it, I'd probably complain about the noise on my external hard drive, haha.
I built my own external hard drive. What you do is get a firewire enclosure, which usually runs from 50-150 dollars (depending on quality, I got a 50 dollar one which works just fine). Then you go and buy a hard drive, stick it in and you have an external hard drive. If you can build a computer or put together a lego set, you can do this too.
haha, for some reason when i heard about power over ethernet, I thought the airport base station could send power to laptops over wireless networks. Now that would rock so much.
Haha, I was thinking the EXACT same thing
If you listened carefully during the keynote, the number one buyer wasn't bill gates. He probably didn't know how to use such an easy to use system anyway (probably why he didn't use his gift certificate). Cuz with him, if it's not complex and doesn't crash during d/l's it's not right. Either that or he was trying to figure out how to put MSN on iTunes in order to create the MSN music store. hehe.
hmm.. i might try that. Thanks.
yeah, i have played around with the network icon in the sidebar (I use panther). What i sometimes see is two other computers (my best result so far) that have folder icons but the folders don't contain anything.
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