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i tried that a long time ago and it doesn't work. it doesn't seem to search the network or see it.
Hi, i was wondering if any one here is from the university of texas at austin and lives in the dorms could help me. Do you know how to browse the networks that run through the dorms? I have no clue how to see my roommate's computer on the network and the ITS department doesn't know how to do this either. I know this is possible because my roommate can see other people's computers on his local network, but i can't even see the Zeus server (I think this is the dorm's...
Here's my setup. The pictures aren't that great because i used a Sony Ericsson T610 to take em. Here's what my computer desk looks like from the side. Although you can't see it, the view outside of my window is of Darrel K. Royal Stadium (Texas Longhorn Football's Home Turf) Here is my computer desk. Here is my iBook 700Mhz sitting on the homemade laptop stand The speakers are Yamahas and if you look at the picture above you can see the sub under...
I personally wear a pair of Saucony shoes. I used to wear New Balance, but Saucony seemed like it was geared more toward comfort. New Balance would still be my second choice, however.
While watching the quicktime stream of the Apple Music Event, I wondered what Jobs wore on his feet and I found out that he wears some new Balance shoes. And since we know from the old Nike Michael Jordan commercials that "it's gotta be the shoes!" We should all wear some new balance shoes in order to change the computer world one innovation at a time! hehehe....
For some reason, every once in awhile my internet connection drops and I can not surf the internet, but I am somehow still signed on in iChat. I do not understand why webpages do not load. Everytime this happens, I have to renew my IP address. This is becoming a pain in the butt because I have to sign on and off iChat. I use a linksys wireless router with a 4 port switch, where I am almost always connected directly to the switch. Anyway, does anyone know how I can...
when i copy stuff off a webpage and paste it into word, the words are all out of place and it looks nothing like it did on the webpage; mainly extra spaces here and there. Anyway, my question is: Does anyone know how to copy and paste stuff off webpages and onto a Word document without all the extra spaces Word adds? I just want the document to look exactly like the selected text on the webpage!
Actually, Apple is selling refurb 3G iPods right now for 250, but you'll have to pay tax.
I live in a dorm, I use a Canon i320. It's small and it uses $6 black ink. I use it to print out my documents, it does it pretty fast. Never had any problems with it, but don't suggest you use it for anything other than documents. Got mine for 30 bucks.
well, if I were you, I would just wait around for Dell to send out their many stackable coupons. You can, if you wait long enough and search hard enough, get a new iPod 10GB iPod for 250. If you don't live in Texas, there is no tax too! Ground shipping is free. For more information, check www.techbargains.com and www.gotapex.com. Check these sites daily and they'll tell you about all the newest Dell discounts.
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